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IT'S FiNALLY HERE! The KRAKEN VEKTA 5 (1/5 Scale) RC TRUCK. What a beautiful machine! Everett and I are back at it again, unboxing a new 1/5th scale RC truck that came on to the market Spring season of 2016. This truck is a mammoth beast, and it is difficult to give you full perspective .. but let me tell you, it looks MEAN! We have had a few 1/5th scale gas powered RC trucks, (and electric), and I must say this is 100% unique! That back solid axle and sway bar suspension setup is just too cool. The Shock hangers and overall appearance is quite aggressive. I look forward to learning more about this truck in the coming months! Now.. I have to decide what engine to put into it..
From the KrakenRC Website:
Kraken RC would like to introduce the KRAKEN VEKTA.5 or in short, KV5. The KV5 is the world’s first and most advanced motorsport grade 1/5th scale RC. It is a hard-core 1/5th Scale vehicle recommended for expert level users only. With an aggressive roll cage and body design inspired by Shannon Campbell’s Class 1 named “The Beast”, It is one Monster buggy that chews up everything in it’s path - Literally! Welcome to the Next Level!"
As there are many folks who ask me where to get the products they see in my video here is a link to the Kraken website:
If you want specific information about the Vekta 5, including specs and the Kraken overview / official trailer video - lick here: At the link provided you can find out more information about this mega truck.
This truck was sent to RCSparks for use in my films, but it is not a paid video, or opinion. I'm expected to really beat the heck out of it.. LOL! The opinions we gave today were 100% all about the growth of the RC hobby, and the awesome products we all get to discover from around the world!
Thanks for watching & MORE TO COME!
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