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RC ADVENTURES - Unveiling: Custom Recovery & Tow Truck 8x8 - RCSparks Studio Towing & Transport

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Click Here To Subscribe! ► - Hand Made, and ONE OF A KiND! Today we get to reveal the stunning RCSparks Studio Towing and Recovery Truck! My friend Greg Marsh and I have been working on for over a Year, and finally we are ready to unveil it for Radio Control Hobby Enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy and admire. I even brought in my good friend Everett today to help me with the unveiling, because Greg is in Pennsylvania.
Greg Marsh is a Custom Truck builder, and creates world class Radio Control rigs for companies all around the globe. In early 2014, Greg approached me with an idea to build a "One of a Kind" custom Scania Tow Recovery rig, and after discussing it for a few weeks - we came up with a plan that we knew would Rock the YouTube RC Community and really showcase Greg's talents as a builder and visionary. I was honoured to hire him on to the team for the project, and really became excited for this build. I had to keep it a secret, because it was very expensive and took So much fine hand work, and Time!!! Time is #1 thing with a project of this complexity. One can not rush a Master at work. Believe me, I tried.. haha! It was so very tough to stay quiet while working with Greg on the design.
It all started with a Tamiya R620 Scania 6x6 Truck - and Morphed from this point on. I hand selected every part with the help of Greg's experienced advice. We scoured over so many parts - doing our very best to build an awesome machine with what we had available. I wanted something Aggressive, Heavy, and TOUGH - like a Bulldog. If the RCSparks Studio was going to get into Towing - I wanted to ensure we did it right. This truck has an entire steel driveline, and selectable Locking Differentials on all 4 axles. It has waterproof steering servo's at high torque from Savox. The Transmission is an RC4WD R2 2 Speed. The motor is a 35t Tekin with a Gear Reduction. The Pulling Power is amazing. The truck also has 3 Winches, and out-riggers to firmly plant this mammoth rig into the earth while doing a recovery.
Greg not only fabricated the The Body and Shell, but also designed the Lighting Layout, the Hydraulics, the Entire Chassis, arranged the Welding, arranged the Painter, and wired this entire rig. This entire project was no small feat.
This RC is the Most Expensive Radio Control Vehicle the RCSparks Studio owns, by far.
My hat's off to Greg Marsh, not only a great builder - but an awesome guy to work with! Thanks Greg, Viewers will love this rig :)
It is a privilege and honour to share it with the true RC lovers of the World! The movies that we will be able to make will be Fantastic!
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