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Ryan Reynolds TROLLS Blake Lively On Instagram With Unrecognizable Pic

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively are known for ripping on each other across social media, but he may have just pushed it a little too far this time.
Most of the time when you see a married couple express themselves on social media. It’s usually all about how they can’t live without each other, how much their life has changed since they met, and more. It’s basically just an online lovefest. Buuut that’s not the case for Deadpool Actor Ryan Reynolds and his beautifully talented wife Blake Lively. If you’ve been following their romance, and by romance i mean war, then this probably isn’t news.
Well Ryan just stoked the fires of war even more last night by posting a picture of Blake looking less than glamorous in full character clothes for her upcoming film The Rythm Section with the caption #nofilter. And i gotta say, part of me wants to laugh, but another part of me is also scared for how she is going to react. After all, Blake lively is a beast at biting back. Remember when it was Ryan reynolds birthday and she tweeted a picture of Ryan Gosling instead?
It’s safe to say these Ryan and Blake are living examples of good natured trolling. It’s refreshing to see these cute jabs back and forth, and we can’t wait to see the trailer for The Rythm Section. What do you guys think of Ryans joke? Was it too funny? Or too far? Let me know in the comment section down below, and after that be sure to subscribe to clevver news for more fresh updates. Also click right over here if you want to see liam Hemsworth surprise appearance on snl with miley cyrus. I’m your host Tom Plumley, and I’ll see you next time.
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