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Selena Gomez Wants Nicki Minaj Cameo On Revival Tour EXCLUSIVE

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Our very own Erin Robinson sat down with Selena to talk about her part in Hotel Transylvania tour and she spilled about her REVIVAL tour which will be NEXT YEAR. I know guys. This is real.
Not only that, but she also revealed a little secret about her tour for us. You may need to sitting down for this. Check it out:
Asap Rocky AND Nicki Minaj?! WHAT?! Oh my gosh excuse me while I go freak out. If any of y’all wanna hook a sister up with some tickets, your girl would really appreciate it.
I’m just kidding guys, but how exciting is this?! Selena and Nicki sharing the stage has me fangirling over here. Not to mention, ASAP Rocky, who is no doubt going to kill it.
You can check out the full interview here on Clevver news soon. You’re not going to want to miss it- Selena whips, nae nae’s and even plays with hot Cheetos!
But tell me, are you excited for Selena’s revival tour? Who would you like to see her perform with? Tell me all about it here in the comments section below or you can find me on social media- I’m @itsmePAULINA on everything but twitter because I like to complicate my life, it’s @itsmePAULINA7.
And after that, click right over here to check out our newest episode of Totally Clevver, where we get regular people to see hidden meaning in celebrity hair inkblots. I’m Paulina Cerrilla, and I’ll see ya later!
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