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Taligers: Half Tiger Half Liger Cubs Born In USA

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Taligers: Half Tiger Half Liger Cubs Born In USA

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THESE cute cubs squeal away to themselves, blissfully unaware that they are only the second litter of "taligers" to be born on US soil. The brother and sister duo are the offspring of a male Siberian tiger named Noah and a female liger named Lizzy. The cubs were born at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma - the site of the first American taliger births back in 2007. While male taligers are sterile, the zoo's handlers believe the female cub should be able to successfully breed when she comes of age - and that any male cubs she produces should be fertile.

Videographer / Director: GW Interactive Zoo
Producer: Thomas Midlane
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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