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THE TV SHOW: Arrow, Parks & Rec Finale & MORE! (WEEKLY RECAP)

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THE TV SHOW: Arrow, Parks & Rec Finale & MORE! (WEEKLY RECAP)
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Hiddy ho guys! Get ready because a lot went down in TV this week, including 1 show coming to an end, 1 show coming to a SEASON end and 2 CRAZY and steamy hookups. Yup, sit down, relax – we’ve got a lot to talk about.
Okay I’m just going to get this first show out of the way because it pains me to talk about – Parks and Rec has come to an end. I know, I know -- you feel those ugly tears coming.
But I really feel like they couldn’t have ended this show any better. I loved the whole flashes in the future to see what everyone is up to and Leslie running for governor of Indiana and OBVIOUSLY someone became President. As a Parks and Rec fan, I am satisfied. BUT DON’T END PLEASE DON’T END!
Moving on to Arrow – holy steamy hookup! Yup Felicity finally hooked up with her new boss Ray and guys, whether you ship her with Ray or with Oliver, you gotta admit – that’s moment was H-O-T HOT.
Next up we The 100 and ANOTHER hookup moment! Man, TV was steamy this week, wasn’t it?! *laugh* Clarke and Alexa totally had a makeout moment, making Clarke The CW’s first LGBT lead character this season. In fact, the show’s producer, Jason Rothenberg tweeted about the moment after the show in the most amazing way. He basically said that in this show, there are no labels and the gender of the person doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s all about surviving – not what your sexual orientation is, which I think is really interesting. All I gotta say is Way to go, The 100!
And finally, our last show is How to Get Away With Murder and it’s INSANE season finale! But first, if you haven’t watched it yet, PLUG YOUR EARS! This is a HUGE spoiler alert! I’ll wait… you good? Ears covered? … Frank is Lila’s killer! YEAH. I KNOW. CRAZY, right?! Did you guys see that coming? Plus, on top of THAT bombshell, Rebecca was killed off too! My brain can’t handle all of this!
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