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Touring Cape Point in Cape Town, South Africa

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With our time extremely limited in Cape Town, we decided to take a Cape Point Peninsula tour to cover as many of the main scenic attractions in the surrounding area as we possibly could. Our hectic day included visiting Seal Island, Boulders Penguin Colony, and the Cape of Good Hope doing boat tours, hiking and biking. We spotted wild Ostriches and Baboons. At one point we spotted a baboon on top of a car with the lady inside freaking out. To say the day was eventful would be an understatement; however, the one wrinkle was that the weather was quite crappy. I really wish we could have done this tour on a nicer day.
Touring Cape Point in Cape Town, South Africa Travel Video Transcript:
So, good morning from rainy Cape Town. Today we've signed up to do a Cape Point and Peninsula tour. So we're going to be traveling down to Cape Point by bus. We're also hauling some bicycles along. So once we get there we're planning to go biking, do a little bit of hiking and we're going to see some sights along the way. It should be fun and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain holds off.
So this morning we're taking a boat tour to Seal Island and hopefully we'll spot some seals along the way.
We're going in search of penguins.
I've seemed to spot a rather large unusual penguin over here. It looks rather uncoordinated. And a little bit silly.
So we're not allowed to get too close to the penguins. They may be cute but they're quite vicious with their little beaks.
Alright, so this is where the fun begins. We've arrived at the Cape of Good Hope and right now we're unloading the bikes. We're going to get all suited up and get ready to go biking. Finally!
We're biking in a National Park and apparently it could be a bit like a mini safari. There has been a lot of animals spotted here. Especially baboons.
Having fun so far? I am but I look a little bit ridiculous but I'm trying to stay warm. It is windy out here.
Okay, so we've just finished biking five kilometers. Now it is time for our delicious lunch. What do we have? I'm going to enjoy this. We've got a lovely sandwich and Malay macaroni salad. I can't wait for that salad. Yeah, so we're going to fuel up and then keep biking for another six point five kilometers. So we need our energy.
Alright, so we have arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. This is the southwestern most point on the African continent. So as you can see over there lots of people snapping their photos.
The weather is still not cooperating with us. It is cold, it is wet, it is raining but we're still going to go for a hike so let's go find our guide and get going.
Smart phone? Hello? Aaahahaha. Go away! Okay guys, keep all windows locked. They smell food. Wow, she is screaming.
Well we didn't spot animals while we were actually on our bikes. But while we were in the vehicle we saw ostriches and we saw baboons. And the baboons were being crazy. One was right on top of a vehicle and a lady freaked out totally.
And that concludes our Cape Point tour. The sun is just coming out just as we're about to leave. That is just how it is sometimes.
This is part of our Travel in South Africa series. We're making a series of videos showcasing South African culture, South African arts, South African foods, South African religion, South African cuisine and South African people.
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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).
Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network
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