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Treasures Found in Unexpected Places

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If most of us check under our beds, the only thing we’ll probably find is some loose change, hair balls, and if you’re a guy, well, some old sticky socks. What else could go under there, right? Some have found some pretty valuable items under their beds and others have found them in even more arbitrary locations. So today, we’ll be looking at treasure found in some really strange places. You might want to stick around until the end, because number 11 on this list is something you definitely won’t believe.

1. A Man Uncovered a Treasure Trove of Ancient History While Trying to Fix his Toilet

If you’ve ever plunged a toilet, you know that fixing one is a dirty job, and the only treasure you’re going to find is not really something worth keeping.

2. Prison

Pleven prison. Things were smooth until they accidentally discovered a hoard of over 7000 silver coins minted by the Ottoman Empire and hidden in two treasure pots.

3. Inside a Piano

Here’s a guy who did get to keep his coins. And to make it even better, these coins were gold.

4. Gold in the Tank

Nick Mead operates Tanks-Alot, a company that maintains a fleet of battlefield tanks for recreational and corporate use. Mead’s love for tanks caused him to make a trade of $42,000 worth of vehicles for a tank listed on Ebay

5. Frozen

At first these law enforcement officers found nothing while searching a vacant apartment, but when they opened the fridge they were presented with something way better than mum’s leftover spaghetti and meatballs - Half a billion rubles. Yeah, you heard that right. Half a billion! That’s over $7,400,000,000.00. So, next time you open your fridge, hope for some rubles instead of food.

6. Inside a Book

We’re about to give you a great reason why you need to read and also a good reason not to use nudes as your bookmarks. Owner Kat Mulheran collects the small pieces of history she finds within books she sells at her store Bent Books.

7. Gold Mine in the Garden

We all find unusual things at our homes. But Mr. Doolin was no ordinary man and when he did enter the tunnel, he realized there’s a gold mine inside! Apparently, there were many such gold mines around but he did not get around checking if they contain gold.

8. Garbage

We have h`eard of stories where something of value is accidentally thrown away in the garbage. It is usually a piece of paper; a bill or someone’s telephone number. Heck, we all have done that. Georgia County has its trash trucks bring in about 300 tons of garbage every day.

9. Another Garbage Story

It is clear by now that garbage in general is great value. A woman once found a large painting stuffed in garbage bags and when she got it examined by art experts, it turned out to be a painting by Rufino Tamayo that was stolen!

10. An inexpensive painting

We all have bought cheap things off a flea market or gypsy sellers thinking that since they aren’t expensive, they can’t harm. This story is of a man who was one such believer and purchased an old painting at a flea market.

11. Inside People

A rather morbid title but that’s what it is. We find happiness and friendships in other people but when you find something close to $ 2.3 million, you’d want them closer.

12. Bird’s Nest

Stealing is a crime but only if the one doing it is human. Julia Boaler from Sheffield once left her engagement on the window ledge while taking a shower only to learn that it’s missing.

13. Under the bed

Well, we all pick up stuff that we spot in random places as souvenirs. These are pebbles or stones on a beach or bowls & cutlery from restaurants.

14. In a sofa

Three students found as much as $40,000 in their $20 sofa. Being good samaritans, they returned the money to whom it belonged. In this case, a 91 year old widow who had stashed it away.

15. A toy

A woman once found a simple looking toy and when she tried to inspect it, she found something stuffed inside. Upon opening it, she found one diamond ring and about 100 diamond stones.
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