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In this video I decided to try one of Asia's favourite fruits - Durian. It is very famous for it's distinct taste and smell.

I decided as this was the first time I was trying it, that I would not only try the fruit itself but also try the other forms it can come in. So I tried it 5 different ways - the fruit itself, Mochi, Cheesecake, Puff and McDonalds Durian Ice Cream.

The Mochi was the first thing I tried and it was probably the strongest of all of the types I tried. It was a big piece of Durian inside the Mochi rice cake coating. It tasted strong and smelled strong.

Secondly I tried it in Cheesecake form, from the the cheesecake retailer Purple Monkey in Kuala Lumpur. I loved the way it was decorated as it looked really like a Durian. It had some nice green buttercream spikes representing the shell of a Durian which had a subtle flavour of Durian. The inner part which represented the flesh was the cheesecake part and again it had a subtle but tasty flavour of Durian.

I then tried it in Puff format from a shop called Australian Confectionary. This again was really nice. The puff was huge but well made, being crispy on the outside but soft in the middle. There was a lot of nice, fresh cream that again had a more subtle taste of the Durian.

I then visited McDonalds to try one of their McDonald's D24 Durian McFlurrys that are really popular at the moment in Kuala Lumpur. This had quite a lot of the Durian topping and had probably the strongest smell of any of the Durian types I tried. When tasting it, it was really nice as it had a nice balance with the ice cream. I would recommend McDonalds Durian McFlurry.

Lastly I went to SS2 Durian which is a famous Durian outlet in (as the name suggests) SS2 in Kuala Lumpur. SS2 Durian is really popular and when I went the place was really busy with people. I got the D24 Durian, this time in it's real form. I really loved it. It tasted strong to start with but the taste then mellowed into a nice, fruity taste. It smell sweet as well.

I will definitely be going back to try more Durian.

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