Viennese Café - Eating Austrian Cake and Coffee for Breakfast in Vienna, Austria


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Join us as a visit a local Viennese Café (Aida) to sample Austrian cake, eat wiener pastries and drink local coffee for breakfast in Vienna, Austria on our last day in the city. After showing you a popular touristy coffeehouse we thought we'd take you to a more local one that was less crowded a chilled out on a Sunday morning in Vienna, Austria. Overall, we ordered the following food and drink items from the menu at Aida:
1) Wiener Melange Coffee (espresso with cream and milk)
2) Mozart Cake (Chocolat fondant cake with icing and other layers)
3) Schinkenröllen (Deli meat with cream cheese stuffed inside)
4) Topfenstrudel (Austrian pastry with sweet curd cheese)
Address: Neubaugasse 64, 1070 Wien, Austria
Hours: Open today · 8AM–7PM (daily)
Phone: +43 1 8908988209
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Viennese Café - Eating Austrian Cake and Coffee for Breakfast in Vienna, Austria Travel Food Video Transcript:
Well good morning good morning again from Vienna (Wien). It is a Monday morning and it is actually our last day in this beautiful city. It is not even our last day. It is our last hours. Last hours. We're going to be leaving in just a few hours to Bratislava but yeah. Yeah, we thought we'd show you take you guys to a more local cafe. We kind of showed you what a fancy and famous one looks like but we haven't taken you into a local one so we're going to do that today.
So the place is called Aida and it has been around since 1913 so my goodness over a 100 years. I imagine they've had plenty of time to perfect their pastries, their coffees, their cakes. So for my drink I got the Aida Melange so this is an espresso with steamed milk and whipped cream that I have since you know mixed into the cup.
Exactly. And I also ordered that too. Haha. Mmmm.
It just sounded so good. Cream. Yes, please. Yes, please.
That is quite nice. Oh, and have I mentioned everything here is pink. Yep. Everything. Everything. The menus. The cakes. The waitresses uniform. The chairs. It is all pink. Everything looks pretty in pink over here. Pretty in pink.
And so someone ordered the Schinkenröllen. So this is really neat because it is basically like a ham slice and then inside of it, it looks like it appears to be some cream cheese. Yeah. And some chives and then bread.
Mozart cake.
Alright, so for something sweet I'm just going to read it off the menu because too many ingredients. I ordered the original Mozart Torte Wien. So the original Viennese Mozart Cake. And it is described as a dark sponge filled with the finest nougat and pistachio marzipan encased in a light chocolate fondant icing.
There is a lot going on here. That sounds pretty good. I like fondant icing. That is like poetry. I like chocolate. Yeah, there is a lot of stuff you like so. Oooh. It looks thick.
Look at the filling. The filling is so thick. it is like thicker than the cake itself. Yeah.
Good stuff.
And up next Sam ordered topfenstrudel. Topfenstrudel so basically this is like strudel, a pastry with Austrian cheese in the middle. Yeah, it looks like a cream cheese. Yeah, it is basically what you'd normally have on a cheesecake kind of filling.
If you guys come here definitely get the Mozart Cake. Trust us on this one.
Time for price point at Aida. Yeah, so in terms of the price point that came to 17.30 and that was for the two coffees and the three food items. So yeah, it was definitely more affordable than some of the more touristy and famous cafes and it was just really nice. It was really cool coming on a Sunday when it was nice and relaxed outside so yeah nice way for us to end our time in Vienna (Wien) and now we're off to Bratislava. Tata.
This is part of our Travel in Vienna video series showcasing Viennese food, Viennese culture and Viennese cuisine.
This is part of our Travel in Austria video series showcasing Austrian food, Austrian culture and Austrian cuisine.
'Best Time' music in this video courtesy of 'DJ Quads' from ( under a creative commons license.
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