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3D Printed Radio Controlled RED SNOW BLOWER & TRACKED MACHINE - Robots Doing Work | RC ADVENTURES

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Only in our DREAMS would we have imagined the ability to print plastic Toys and have them as FUNCTIONAL ROBOTS, making our lives "easier" - or simply, WAY MORE FUN! Some would argue that "Humans are becoming Too Lazy" - and that may be the case, but the ingenuity and brain power behind the man that built this machine is FAR from Lazy. This is the "SPYER KAT", an innovative machine that is completely a functional for the dreamers of 2019. Now, granted - some will scoff that it is not as fast as actually shovelling my deck the traditional way, but it is a heck of a lot more fun, and fulfilling a childhood dream! I have had this machine for a few short years, and it continues to inspire me. Sharing it with the Internet for all to see is a no-brainer, as innovation and creativity are the fundamental keystones to evolution. Ryan, from the "Spyker Workshop" created this machine in its entirety. From concept, design to printing and assembling - this is a product that is truly ahead of its time, demonstrating the possibilities of what 3D printing and ingenuity can come up with.
is where you can purchase the print files for this model. OR - like I did, you can have Ryan print and assemble one of these models for you. As they are modular you can have only a few parts printed for you, if you prefer - like the snow blower. Or, if you like - you order Just the tracked robot.
I have used this machine in Dirt, and on the hottest of days.. as well as on the coldest of days in the Canadian winter. This machine keeps on going. As demonstrated in the end of the video, even with all the weight of the electronics and added parts - the dual 540 brushed motor setup and unique transmission design, easily eats its way though the snow. Fast or Slow.. this machine can do the job.
Today, it is minus 18c. Very cold for the lipo batteries and all of the plastic. Everything is contracting slightly, so I assume this is what happened to my blower pinion.. but it sure did a LOT of Work for me!
I hope you enjoyed the film and leave me a comment!
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