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Monster Robotic Snow Machine goes to Work! (100% 3D Printed) SPYKER KAT | RC ADVENTURES

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Goes to work at 2:24 ! It is absolutely freezing out today (-18c), and a great opportunity to put the Spyker KAT to real work! This machine/robot is simply Incredible. There is no other word for it. The "Spyker KAT" is designed from the ground up by Ryan Spyker, of the Spyker Workshop - with power, torque and agility in mind. This is a 3d printed tracked vehicle with an all belt transmission powered by dual 540 motors. The complete snowblower assembly is easily removable with two screws. The kit for the KAT is modular, and can be purchased in different pieces starting with a base model build ARTR (Almost Ready to Run).
Ryans website claims the KAT can support up to a 50lb carrying capacity. Today, this machine had no problem with the heavy snow. It has Massive ground clearance to climb over even the toughest obstacles.. and todays 4 inches of snow was no challenge. For such a large, intricate machine - it is very light, but surprisingly can hold up to sub-zero temperatures. As mentioned above - todays video was filmed at -18c, and the snow was quite heavy. The dual 2s Lipo batteries are plenty enough to power the entire machine, including the snow blower, lights, dual servos, 3 esc's, and dual 540 motors. It is impressive.
More over, we are seeing the 3D Printing world create amazing products from around the world. This fully functional machine is giving us a look into the possibilities that can be reached. Seeing a mini-robot doing actual work, and amusing me at the same time - is just too cool. Making chores easier with robots is what we have all envisioned since we were kids. The future is here...
Here is a link to Ryans YouTube channel where he goes into more detail about his builds:
He has designed a multitude of RC 3D printed products / functional artwork. Some of these being a Scorpion Tank (Fully Functional), Multiple version of the Snow Blower, and many more.
For more information about this SPYKER KAT, and the other products Ryan offers - hit up his website at:
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