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RC ADVENTURES - AMAZiNG SPYKER KAT - 3D Printed - a New Radio Controlled Tracked Model!

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We have been waiting SO LONG to unveil and unbox this unique and well engineered NEW TRACKED 3-D Printed "Spyker KAT".
Unboxing: 1:53
Unveiling: 3:21
Function: 13:05
Test Run 1: 14:34
Test Run 2: 15:47
This is the Spyker Workshops answer to the Kyosho Blizzard - but Spyker put their machine on STEROIDS! This machine is a versatile rig that is designed, engineered and printed by Ryan Spyker, of the "Spyker Workshop". We have been following along with this designer as he has been assembling a new edition to the wonderful world of the Radio Control hobby. I can go as far to say - I would rank this this RC Product of 2017 for "Home Design", and Individualism from what I have seen so far. Completely engineered from the ground up, Ryan uses 7 3D printing machines to make this creation come to life. We were fortunate enough to be a part of this adventure with Ryan, as he has been doing extensive videos on his YouTube channel about building this specific machine. Here is a link to his YouTube channel:
Ryan has designed a multitude of RC 3D printed products / functional artwork. Some of these being a Scorpion Tank (Fully Functional), Multiple version of the Snow Blower, and many more.
For more information about this SPYKER KAT, and the other products Ryan offers hit his website at:
Most of his products are available in a variety of ways to purchase.
1) 3D Plans
2) Parts Printed (unassembled)
3) Kits assembled (No electronics)
4) Full Ready To Run models w/ Radio (no Battery)
I have always enjoyed showcasing the talents of RC Hobbyists and Fabricators. Ryan has continued to show excellent customer support, as well as innovative ways to improve the hobby of Radio Control. For this, the RCSparks Studio, salutes you!
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