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44 Miley Cyrus Instagram Pics in 48 Hours - Instagram Addict?

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Miley Cyrus totally took over Instagram this week, posting 44 pics and vids in 48 hours -- so right now we're running through them all. She happened to tweet out, amid the Insta posts, QUOTE "I use insta a lot now. Like more than this." -- referring to Twitter. And obvi, we owe a big THANK YOU to the star doing what she does best: entertain. Leeeeeet's gooooo!
Outkast. Mike Will Made It. Dog. Basket of goodies. Wank eye stank eye. Lights. Security selfie. Mama. I woke up like this. I woke up like this again, but with Elvis lip. I woke up like yet again, heeeey. Still woke up like this. WTF this bitch got a sheep in da backyard in California / fuckin hillbilly. Floyds shrine the beginning. Oh here's a video of it! (video) DIY for Lloyd's shrine. DIY musica. Caption: "I'm gonna write letters to a few people I love A LOT". Flowers. Dirty Hippy Dog. More music. Rainbow string! Music. Floyd necklace. More Floyd jewels. Uh oh. Love money and beads. Who are you? Dog shrine stuff. Awww. Pupil. Suga bear. Bath time. Dogs. Terry Richardson. I woke up like this. Rainbow Bright. So funny. Fashion. Babies in a bag -- my favorite. Big Mama. Pwetty! Accessorize. Cool bejeweled hair. And that's 44 pics in 48 hours from Miles, but guesssss whaaat?!? We've got a few bonus posts from today (so far) including Fun in the Sun from Mama Cyrus and one of the babies from the bag made it into Miley's weave. It looks kinda uncomfortable. Alright so which of these posts is your fave?? I gotta say that the video of Floyd's shrine is pretty darn weird and we love it. Just one more time -- can we?? (video) On a side note, Noah Cyrus decided to get rid of all of her posts... but this one made the cut.

You're a funny one, Miley Cyrus. Thanks again for keeping it interesting. That's it for now, guys. Let us know your favorite Insta post from the musician, and click right over here to check out 14 guys that Miss Miley has dated. I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for tuning into ClevverNews. See you next time for more entertainment news updates!

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