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Ariana Grande & Lea Michele Cast In Horror Comedy Series "Scream Queens"

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We can all take a loonnngg sigh of relief now that little miss Ariana Grande is making a return to television after all!
Hey guys, welcome back to Clevver News, and this just in: As if watching Ariana slay onstage with her voice of an angel isn’t mesmerizing enough, we’ll get to see her even more, as she is set to appear on a new FOX comedy horror show called Scream Queens (BRB, DOIN A QUICK HAPPY DANCE!!!).
Although Ari will only be guest starring as a recurring role, the show’s director Ryan Murphy, who was also the brains behind FOX’s hit musical show, Glee, will be casting Glee’s own Lea Michele to star in the series. Other well-known names starring alongside the two singing sensations, are Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis.
The 15-episode series, will be set on a college campus, that’s hit with a series of murders, and, well, given Ariana’s past revelations about her unusual passion for horror movies, Halloween and even torturing her own babysitters, we’re pretty sure she’ll be absolutely perrrrfect for this role!
She said previously, “I was a very weird kid. I would wear masks from the horror movie 'Scream' around the house, even on a normal day. And I would carry a hockey stick around for the longest time."
So be sure to look out for this hilarious horror coming this fall, and while you’re at it, you might want to look out for Ariana... in a creepy mask… with a hockey stick…
But we want to know what you guys think about Ari’s return to television. Do you think the popstar will totally rock her role in the series? Hit us up right down here in the comments section, and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News while you’re at it. Thanks for tuning in, I’m your host, Erin Robinson, and before you leave, be sure to watch all the things you didn't know about Freak Show… only if you dare! Bye friends!
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