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Best Street Food at Pakistan University - CRISIS OMELET in Islamabad | Pakistani Food Tour!

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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, and when you are there, you’ll notice that it’s quite a bit more organized and spread out compared to many other major cities in Pakistan. We only had one full day in Islamabad, and we decided to make the most of it by going to a few of the top street food stall and restaurants that I wanted to check out. It turned out to be an amazing day of Pakistan food in Islamabad!
Islamabad Serena Hotel - First of all, we were hosted at Islamabad Serena Hotel, an amazing hotel in Islamabad. The rooms were great, it’s a huge hotel, and the breakfast buffet was extensive and very good. We woke up in the morning and headed straight for breakfast.
Majeed Huts () - After reading about Majeed Huts in Roads and Kingdoms years ago, I knew it was a place I wanted to go. We went straight for Majeed Huts, which is a local Pakistani food dhaba, hole in the wall restaurant, on a university campus. Along with a multitude of Pakistani curries and dishes, one of their signature dishes is their “crisis” omelet, a combination of all the leftovers, mixed up, and filled into an oily omelet. It will solve any crisis, it’s that good. The rest of the food was equally as impressive, and I loved the atmosphere. Majeed Huts dhaba in Islamabad is one of my personal favorite restaurants from my entire trip to Pakistan.
Total price - 1,900 PKR ($14.21) for everything
The Monal - When we were in Islamabad we had to run a few errands in the afternoon, and things go late, so we didn’t make it up to Monal until dusk. Anyway, it was still a great view. They have a famous restaurant, but we only went for the view.
Afghani Kabab House - For dinner number 1, Ali and I went to Afghani Kabab House, a local favorite serving Afghani kebabs grilled up in a cloud of smoke. While there, we met a group of guys who watch our videos, and they invited us to eat with them. The kebabs are amazing, and I also really enjoyed the Kabuli pulao. Again, another street food stall in Islamabad that you can’t miss, it’s amazing.
Dawat Restaurant - Finally, Joel and I were invited to Dawat Restaurant, the Pakistani food restaurant at Islamabad Serena Hotel for second dinner. It was a nice restaurant, and really good, really tender meat. The biryani in particular stood out to me, as did the shrimp pakoras.
Again, this was my only full day in Islamabad, but it was an amazing day!
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