Bosnian Breakfast in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Join us for Bosnian Breakfast in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina as we continue our Bosnian food video series. In terms of Bosnian food items for breakfast this is what we had:
1) Bosnian coffee - strong and flavorful
2) Bosnian meat and cheese platter with beef prosciutto, smoked sausages, travnic cheese (Travnički), livno cheese, sach cheese, sour cream and local doughnuts (miške) along with vegetables such as cucumbers and tomato
3) Hurmašice - coconut finger cookie with syrup
4) Smokvara - fig dessert saturated in syrup
Restaurant in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Information:
Restoran Divan  
Address: Onešćukova, Mostar 88000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hours: Open today · 9a.m.–12a.m.
Phone: +387 61 910 270
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Bosnian Breakfast in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Food Video Transcript:
Hello again from Mostar. We have been eating our way through the city and it has been wonderful. Today we're going to be showing you guys breakfast. Bosnian breakfast so we're eating at restaurant (Restoran) Divan and we are starting off with Bosnian Coffee which has quickly become one of our favorites. I love the presentation.
Back to the coffee preparation. It is prepared by boiling water and then you take the water off of the heat, you add your coffee grounds and then you put it to boil then you get this and because the grounds are in the water you have to let it settle so that you're not drinking you know crunchy coffee grounds.
I'm going to pour myself a little cup. You take the cube and you kind of nibble a little bit out of it. Bite the cube and then you sip your coffee.
That is nice and strong. Flavorful. Potent. Just the way I like my coffee. It wakes you up in the morning.
The food has arrived and as you can see the portions are massive. You know what the portions have been massive everywhere we've eaten. Yeah. Like they are really generous with their food here. They did say this was an appetizer for two. I mean are we going to be able to eat all this? Like look at the fritters that is a lot. I feel like this is an appetizer for 4.
I'll tell you what we ordered. We got uh a mixed platter. We did. With beef prosciutto, smoked sausages, travnic cheese (Travnički), livno cheese, sach cheese, sour cream and local doughnuts (miške). I actually tried these a few days ago yep we had them with cream cheese at another place.
They are really tasty. It also came with vegetables. Like cucumbers and tomato so yeah. And we have we've also ordered a couple kind of desserts to add to the breakfast fast.
Dessert for breakfast. We are really improvising here. So look at this. This looks amazing. I'm just going to break it in half with my hands. It is almost like a donut (Uštipci).
We just couldn't resist ordering a little something sweet. I believe this one is called Hurmašice. We had it once before at another restaurant it is very good by the river and it is basically like a coconut cookie. I think they call it a coconut finger. That is just like oozing sugary syrup.
Sam is going in for the other dessert called Smokvara. Yeah. And it is basically if you look at the shape it looks like it is shaped like a fig patty. And if you think the coconut dessert had a lot syrup this one is swimming in it.
That was a top notch breakfast. In terms of price point it came to 29 in local currency which was uh 17 US dollars or 14 Euros and we were defeated by that breakfast. We couldn't even finish it all. It was so much food but it was delicious. The setting was great and yeah it was just a wonderful way to start the day. And there were cats. Lots of happy moments so we'll see you guys next time. Tata.
This is part of our Travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina video series showcasing Bosnian food, Bosnian culture and Bosnian cuisine.
This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.
Music in this video courtesy of 'Ehrling' from ( under a creative commons license.
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