Bosnian Cuisine - Trying Traditional Dishes in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Come join us for Bosnian Cuisine as we end up trying numerous traditional dishes in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina at Konoba Taurus restaurant. Our streak of having nothing but outstanding meals in Mostar continues as we discover a place not only with a great setting but also serving up fantastic local food. The following is a list of all the Bosnian food we ordered along with the prices:
1) Mostarski Sahan (punjene paprike, punjene tikvice, sogan dolma) which is Mostar Sahan: stuffed peppers, stuffed courgettes, stuffed onions) - 9 KM
2) Japrak: Stuffed Vine Leaves - 7 KM
3) Sarma: Rolled Stuffed Sour Cabbage - 7 KM
4) Cufte: Meat Balls - 7 KM
5) Hurmasica - Coconut Fingers - 3 KM
6) Smokvara - Fig Dessert - 3 KM
Information for the restaurant in Mostar:
Konoba Taurus Restaurant
Address: Onešćukova b.b., Mostar 88000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hours: 11a.m.–11p.m. (Daily)
Phone: +387 36 580-809
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Bosnian Cuisine - Trying Traditional Dishes in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Video Transcript:
It is time for another food video here in Mostar. Yesterday when we went for a walk late at night we spotted this restaurant. it is right by the crooked bridge next to the river. it looked so cool and cozy. They have a fireplace and yeah we were like we need to come back. So we were in the area today just doing some sightseeing and it is right around lunch. We got hungry and we're like yeah let's eat here. So here we are. It is called Konoba Taurus.
The food has arrived at the table and we have this massive platter in front of us and it looks so good. So I'm just going to read off of the menu to let you know everything we got because it has all been served together. Yeah. And wow. Okay, so the first thing we ordered was the Mostarski Sahan which includes stuffed peppers (punjene paprike), stuffed courgettes (punjene tikvice) which I believe is that zucchini is that just a different word for zucchini? And stuffed onions (sogan dolma). And then aside from that we also asked for what else did we get? The Cufte. Kofte. Cufte? Something like that um which are the meatballs and then we also got something called Japrak which are the stuffed vine leaves. And oh man this is just like steaming in front of us can you and the aromas are tantalizing.
as you can probably tell it is time for dessert. We ordered two different ones. Let me tell you what they are.
So the first one I believe is called Hurmasica but I'm kind of whispering it so you know the locals won't hear me and be like haha she can't say it. Um and that is the coconut finger which I believe is this one.
And then the other one is called Smokvara. Smokvara? Okay. Something like that. And this one is the fig dessert. Yeah. So also we've got some tea. Oh yeah, we got chai. It is Sepak. I believe. It looks like a red berry. Yeah.
Never tried that before.
It is time for price point. So in local currency which by the way is called BAM. Bosnian Convertible Marka that came to 36 which is 21.40 US dollars or 18.40 Euros or 16.31 Great British Pounds. Alright look at you covering all of the currencies. Yeah. I thought that was uh a steal of a meal in terms of value. Wonderful. We got a one litre sparkling water which we didn't show you that enormous plate that included three mains. Uh complimentary bread, two desserts and two teas for that price. So yeah. It doesn't get too much better than that and with a setting like this and with a meal that was that filling and that satisfying highly recommend going there for sure.
This is part of our Travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina video series showcasing Bosnian food, Bosnian culture and Bosnian cuisine.
This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.
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