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Caitlyn Jenner Pressures Kylie Into Having Kids With Tyga?!

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I think its safe to say that Kylie knows what she wants and she makes it happen. She wanted her own home and boom she was out at the age of 18…and now she planning on when she wants to have kids.
At the beginning of the clip we see Kylie asking her dad for some advice saying “What do you feel like is a good age to have kids? Like 25? and this is the advice Caitlin gave
Caitlin makes a great point i think 30 is a great age…besides Kris Jenner would never allow Kylie to get pregnant at 25 there is still too many checks to be collected…
but then Caitlin gave KJ more advice that caught the 18 year old off guard…
another valid point…I feel you Kylie I was the second child myself. I too was made to keep someone company…I can live with that.
After that it gets a little shocking. Caitlyn tells Kylie she needs her to have three kids so that she can have her plan, 30 grandchildren and I have to say Kylie’s reaction is priceless
Can you say BABY FEVER…Kylie you’re only 18 pump the brakes girl!friend! but to be fair all the baby talk was probably spurred by the fact that this scene took place at Kims birthday party where all the guest rocked fake baby bumps in honor of her pregnancy with son Saint.
But still to have the conversation in front of your boyfriend like that..can you say awkward. Which Tyga definitely seemed to be feeling since he mostly stayed quiet during the chat.
What can we say Kylie Jenner is definitely growing up…but now I want to know your thoughts do you think Kylie is way too young to be thinking about kids hit the comments below or hit me up on instgram or twitter at Jackie Iadonisi to let me know what age you think is perfect to start have babies. After that click here to see Kylie and Kendall battle it out who is best dressed on dirty laundry. Thank you guys so much for watching Clevver News I’m Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you soon.
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