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FORD RAPTOR F150 (Stock) on the Rocks - 8th scale Trail Truck "Traction Hobby" | RC ADVENTURES

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I took this opportunity to revisit my rock pile with the new Ford F150 Raptor, built up by Traction Hobby. This truck is 1/8 scale in size (slightly larger than 1/10 scale) and I am interested to test its center of gravity, suspension performance, tire tread, and wheel speed. The rocks I am scaling in this video are a mix of course sandstone, and smooth river stone. For most of this video, I am driving with one hand on the controller, and a large camera in the other. I am also narrating.. while wheeling this truck for the very first time. I have a feeling the performance of this truck is much more then I was able to demonstrate today.. though, what we did accomplish in this film, is amazing!
I picked up my first 1/8 scale machine at www.Asiatees.com. The first was a jeep, made by the same company "Traction Hobby". I know very little about the company.. other than the fact that my first jeep is still going strong.. and the product seems decent. I havent had any issues so far with that machine.. and I wonder about this Ford F150. Its a different design - and more of a "simple" machine. It somehow presents itself as very rugged, with not a lot to break. Its not overly heavy, but feels sturdy. The part of the body is lexan, and is mounted bu magnets as well as two hidden posts you do not see. It even has two velcro strips holding on the body securely to the side frame. The read "cage" portion of the truck is not easily removable - and creates a nice roll protection for the truck. It is a light weight, thick, plastic cage - held together with screws.
I was surprised at seeing some areas on my rock pile that was easily conquered by this truck. Areas that my 1/10th scale trucks could not go. This is the advantage of the 1/8th scale world for me.. going MORE places. Doing Bigger Obstacles. Heck, I would love a 1/5th scale crawler.. or dare I dream.. 1/4 scale? But until then, I will be all over the 1/8 scale trailing.. it will make for a better winter time for me.
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