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KiNG of 8th scale TRAiL TRUCKS?! NEW FORD RAPTOR F150 4X4 from Traction Hobby | RC ADVENTURES

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In a day of trick photography, and video editing - I know that a picture can not express how large this truck is. This is the newest upcoming release from Traction Hobby - distributed at I was lucky enough to score a pre-release version of this 1/8 scale Ford F-150 RAPTOR! WHAT A BEAST. All Aluminum Axles, Rock Sliders, Bead Lock wheels, Drive Shafts, Steering Components - and THiCK CARBON FIBRE for chassis rails. I am estimating that these are at least 5mm thick.. and there is plenty of it. This is more than likely one of the strongest chassis I will have in my garage.
The "Cragsman C" was sent to me by Traction Hobby & AsiaTees, to get my opinion on the truck. I am a Ford guy, and the Raptor has always been a classic to me.. though it is still new. So, WIN. Hah! This truck is not hampered with all of the add-on servos as the Jeep Cragsman. This version seems to be slimmed down, for ease of use and lack of electrical parts to break. The aluminum transmission will keep any flex out of the gears when under torque on the trail. The Drive shafts look strong, but I have not tested them yet. I would like to see if the universal joints can go through a few obstacles and hold together. I NEVER had a problem with my Cragsman JEEP.. and everything is still going strong.
Design wise, it would be nice to see some inner wheel wells to stop mud and dirt splashing in to the cab. Also, I don't like seeing straight through under the wheels.. would be great to see a barrier, even for visual purposes. Also, as a side note: I did struggle removing the front of the body. I am not complaining. I like the fact it was "kind of" difficult to remove. The mix of magnets, pins and velcro really held it secure, but not overly so. I dont have to see any ugly body posts poking through the hood - so for me.. Still winning.
The wheels are awesome, love the alloy - and the design. The rubber on the tires seems pretty great for summer time.. but the short lugs make me wonder about about use in mud, or snow. The tire compound feels soft enough for off road trailing.. but more geared to medium off road - but more pavement style crawling. I will certainly be testing them out.
Over all I am very pleased with this simple, yet "tough" style of truck. It seems pretty rugged, and the additional size of this model is fantastic. I am used to 1/10th scale trail trucks - and this 1/8th size, is not MUCH bigger.. but enjoyable and capable. The Cragsman jeep is among my top 5 favourite trail trucks of all time.
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