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Hmong Food - AUTHENTIC BUFFALO FEAST and Community Hmong Meal in Luang Prabang, Laos!

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This is Day 2 of our food culture trip in Laos, if you haven’t seen Khmu Food Part 1, you can watch it here:
We woke up naturally to the sounds in the early morning and sat around and hung out, just enjoying the fresh cool are. We strolled around the Khmu village for a little while before we packed up and headed to a Hmong village not too far away.
When I reached out to you during my trip to Laos and asked you for suggestions one what I should eat or cover, many of you said I should try Hmong food. Now Hmong restaurant are not that common, so the best way to eat Hmong food is to go to a local family home and have them cook. Along with Alex from White Elephant Adventures (), he was able to arrange it for us.
Our Hmong meal was buffalo, all types and variations. The two main and favorite Hmong food dishes they made were raw buffalo with a huge amount of bile, and cooked buffalo with raw blood. We also had some buffalo stew, soup, and roasted buffalo.
Probably the most fascinating thing to me about Hmong culture and food as opposed to most of Laos is that Hmong typically eat white steamed rice as opposed to sticky rice. And unlike just about every other culture I’ve witnessed in Asia, where you get your own bowl of rice and share all the side dishes, in Hmong culture you have a communal bowl of rice and share everything. It may seem different to Western culture, but it really brings out a sense of family and community.
The food was awesome, all things buffalo. I especially liked the raw buffalo with bile, that was the best Hmong food of the meal.
It was an amazing day and I learned a lot about Hmong food, a quick introduction. Thank you for watching!
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