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Jaclyn Hill CALLED OUT Over Lipsticks & Tati Westbrook Speaks Out On It!

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Just when you thought the Youtube drama was over, Tati Westbrook takes down another video to avoid backlash!

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad with Clevver News and this time, the drama is centered around Tati’s fellow makeup guru Jaclyn Hill.
Another day another Beauty YouTuber Drama!

Basically, Jaclyn created a line of lipstick that had, well, more than a few issues.
Including little bits of glove residue?
Youtubers like Kristi of ‘Raw Beauty Kristi’ and ‘Tea Spill’ among many more made video after video calling out Jaclyn’s products for being poorly made and not up to standard. There were also a lot of people chiming in on the conversation regarding the quality of the lipsticks on Twitter.

After Jaclyn saw the quality of the products people were getting, she went and apologized for her brand and promised to make her next batch better.

She said on Twitter, “My team and I are working very hard on finding out EXACTLY what is causing the grittiness and bumpy texture on some of my lipsticks. I am so sorry to see some of you dissatisfied with my product. I will make it right for you and learn from this mistake! That’s a promise ”
And that’s where Tati comes in. On Friday she was supposed to come out with a new video reviewing under the radar lipsticks
The video ended up not getting posted, and her fans found this on her snapchat instead

“I thought a lot of people thought I was being shady…. I just didn’t want people to be like ‘oh my god Tati’s shading Jaclyn”.
SO I took this to mean that maybe Tati, like everyone else, reviewed the lipstick and didn’t give Jaclyn a good review ….?

But then Tati’s video DID come out
And there was NO mention of Jaclyn! Like not a word.

So then I was left thinking, why all the drama in the first place?

And what does Tati really think of Jaclyn?
But now I wanna know what you guys think? Do you think Jaclyn’s products are as bad as everyone is making them out to be? And do you think it was a good idea for Tati to reschedule her video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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