James Charles' Mental Health SUFFERED Severely After Tati Westbrook Scandal! V2 YT


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What’s up? It’s Erin Robinson here with Clevver News and we all remember the James Charles and Tati Westbrook feud that shook the entire YouTube beauty community, and literally everyone else, to their core.
Yeah it was like a 2 week ordeal at the beginning of the summer… let me tell you the headlines were wreaking havoc here in the newsroom!
It all started when Tati posted a 40-minute long video called "Bye Sister" about James and his problematic behavior of seducing straight men and selling her out for Coachella passes.
That video obviously went viral and divided the world into taking sides, but both James and Tati were fairly quiet as the drama went down.
James then went on to post a video called “No More Lies” where he responded to all the drama and allegations made against him and shared his side of the story.
But since all the drama boiled over, the dust has finally settled and both James and Tati have seemingly gone back to their normal YouTube lives.
They have both been posting to their channels regularly and have been focusing on what they both love -- makeup.
But James hasn’t forgotten about what happened and is now saying that cancel culture and the entire feud was emotionally taxing on his mental stability.
He also said that his friends and family were the only reason he was able to stay sane and safe during this time.
After James explained everything he went through Joey sympathized with him and said that the entire experience must have been incredibly difficult.
Joey said quote, “To have the whole world against you, how mentally f*cking that is. That's not normal.”
And fans are standing by James in the comment section.
One person wrote quote, “When James admitted that he would’ve been dead it truly made me tear up. I hope it never comes to that to teach people that cancel cultures isn’t okay”
And another said quote, “Thank you James for getting through everything❤️❤️❤️”
And we couldn’t agree more.
We are so glad James was surrounded by people that care about him during that time and bullying people on the internet, or anywhere for that matter, is never ok.
So while the Tati drama has settled down and James seems to be back on his feet...
He isn’t managing to steer clear of all drama.
James is currently tied up in controversy involving his Morphe eyeshadow palette and Wet N Wild’s looking oddly similar.
And in case you missed what’s going on there, here’s the breakdown of what happened.
Wet n Wild showed off the new "40 Palette," which is named after its 40 shades of eyeshadow, on Twitter during RuPaul's DragCon last weekend.
Wet N Wild wrote quote, “First look at our NEW 40 Palette. Available exclusively at @RuPaulsDragCon NYC. Coming to wetnwildbeauty.com Fall 2019.”
And the James’s sister stans wasted NO time coming after Wet N Wild on their tweet.
One person wrote quote, “guess you’ll see james in court”
And another said quote, “y’all just mad that James Charles is more successful then your entire company”
But it wasn’t just fans who got involved in the conversation. James himself replied to Wet N Wild’s tweet, and he didn’t hold back.
He started off by tweeting quote, “That’s crazy... your “NEW” palette looks extremely similar.
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