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Jennifer Lawrence Spills TWO Most Embarrassing Moments On Fallon

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If you thought all those times Jennifer Lawrence fell in public places were humiliating, the actress stopped by by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to let everyone know it gets so much worse.
She reveal;s her top 2-all-time most embarrassing moments starting with the time that she forgot Elizabeth Taylor was dead…in 2013 during a Hollywood party an older woman comes up to Jennifer and compliments her on Silver Linings Playbook and her acting. OK I’ll let Jennifer take it form here.
NO Jennifer no…you didn’t say anything, right? Think again.
You know when you’re watching a TV show or movie and you feel embarrassed for the character onscreen? That just happened to me- I’m red for Jennifer Lawrence!!
It doesn’t get worse right? Think again. JLAW gave us a 2-for-1 special last night.
Moment #2 starts with Jennifer at a restaurant in Paris. She sees director Francis Ford Coppola and well, this happens:
Um, they might notice. But you go girl. Please continue.
How does your whole dress come undone without noticing?? I think Questlove’s face sums up how we all feel about these-
Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, you clumsy girl…we love you even more for these. And so does Liam Hemsworth. Her hunger games costar visited The Late Night Show with Seth Meyers last night and delineated all of her walking fails
It’s good to know they are all on purpose…what do you guys think of the 2 embarrassing moments Jennifer shared with everyone on The Tonight Show? Which one was more embarrassing…and tell me YOUR most embarrassing moment in the comment section below. If you guys share some good ones…I’ll tell you mine. After that click right here to check out the SMOSH Hunger Games Prank with the one and only Jlaw- it’s amazing you will be missing out if you don’t click on this. Thanks for watching I’m Danielle Robay and I’ll see you next time.
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