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Justin Bieber BREAKING In To the BEAUTY Biz!

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Justin Bieber is expanding his empire yet again, but his latest business venture has nothing to do with music or fashion. He’s breaking in to the BEAUTY business!

What’s up guys? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and if you want to smell like Justin Bieber, this is going to come as good news to you.

And I can only imagine how Justin smells because, his wife Hailey Baldwin has talked about how much she loves his scent.
She told Popsugar quote, “A guy’s scent is so important. That smell — it’s what makes you miss them when you’re away from them. I honestly don’t know what Justin wears, but whatever it is, it’s working.”

And what’s working for him can now work for you too because the Biebs announced on Instagram that he is going to be the new face of a natural deodorant brand called Schmidt’s.

He posted this shirtless pic of himself and captioned it quote, “Ready for Here + Now… new collab coming this Fall with @schmidtsnaturals.”
I’ll be honest when I saw this, I thought he was dropping a new song called Here and Now, but boy was I wrong. It’s the name of the brand’s new sweat-absorbing deodorant.

The product, which is going to launch this fall, will be made vegan, cruelty-free, and with all plant-based ingredients.

Justin helped design the label artwork and formulated the scent.

I’m here for it, and I’d definitely try it. I could be down with smelling like Justin Bieber.

According to Schmidt’s, the inspiration for the name came from the idea of being present, serving as a small reminder to make small, intentional choices that can help people lead happier and healthier lives.

Which we all know is a message Justin can get behind given his new openness about his mental health.

The CEO of Schmidt’s told People magazine that quote, “It’s more than just a deodorant; it’s a lifestyle and a connection to those around you. It’s about the small, but intentional choices we make every day that help us to lead happier and healthier lives, mentally and physically.”

So this new partnership seems like a great way for Justin to continue to promote his mental health message while also growing into a market that is completely new to him.

And it’s convenient that Justin is starting to dabble in the beauty business because his wife just filed to trademark “Bieber Beauty” in April.

Ummm could we be getting a Justin and Hailey beauty line? A guy can dream.

Alright guys, now I want to hear from you! Are you going to try Justin’s new deodorant? And would you be down to see him and Hailey come out with a whole beauty line?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also hit me up on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @EmileEnnisJr. After that click right over here to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click that bell to get notified whenever we post. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.
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