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Kanye West Slams Beck After Almost Interrupting His Best Album Speech- 2015 Grammys

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Oh no, Kanye, what are you doing?? Are you really about to crash an acceptance speech again?!
(Pretend that you don’t want to see it happening again) Kanye, say it ain’t so!! You’re really going to crash Beck’s speech at the Grammys?! OH man. Alright, this is Trophy Life on Clevver and we’re breaking down what really went down in this moment, the aftermath, oh and let’s just say that Beyonce was caught on camera reacting. But first, let’s review Kanye’s interview with E! after the award show where he essentially confirmed that what we all thought was a joke, well, that it wasn’t really a joke…
Kanye went on to say that he is here to fight for creativity and that’s why he didn’t say anything. And Kim is supportively watching through the interview and sis-in-law Khloe who was working for E! said something about missing the Hennessey Ye. And Terrence from E! then said that he’s back tonight before Kanye said that he’s drunk in love – which regardless of how you feel about the situation – was kinda full circle. But daaang – it’s still surprising when artists call out other artists. Now let’s rewind back to earlier in the night when the world all thought that Kanye hopping up on stage when Beck won Album of the Year was just a joke.
Obviously, this a throwback to when Kanye actually hopped up on stage after Taylor Swift won a MTV VMA and he stated that Beyonce should have won.
Yeah, even this many years later, it’s still real awkward. So FYI this next footage did not air on the official CBS broadcast, but it looks like someone captured Beyonce and Jay-Z’s reaction to Kanye heading up on stage. Look at this. So hilarious. They look on in fear – and B actually mouths “No Kanye” until the joke is revealed.
Okay, guys. It’s your turn to get in on the discussion on this latest happening in Hollywood. Post a comment or two below, subscribe to Clevver for all of your entertainment news updates and click over here to get all of the details on Beyonce’s 2015 Grammys performance. Thanks again for watching. See you next time.
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