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Kendall Jenner Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors & Reveals "Weird" Addiction

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Did Kendall Jennner secretly get plastic surgery after deleting her instagram account? Also she has a very unexpected addiction, and reveals her favorite pick up line.
Well we have got 3 great little surprises for you here on clevver news, and they are all about Kendall Jenner!
She is in the spotlight once again, let's be honest has she ever left? Kendall came out recently against the rumors that she got lip fillers after deleting her instagram account back in November. The rumors all started because her sister Kylie did her makeup and shared it all over her snapchat. Obviously Kylie and Kendall have noticeably different styles of doing their makeup, and fans, freaked.
But don't worry in a blog post she cleared the air by saying “Kylie saw it all unfold and felt bad, so she went on Snapchat and took the blame,” she explains.
Next up we gotta talk about Kendalls strange addiction. Vintage cars! In a interview with CNN, Kendall revealed her unique addiction to something that you may not expect. She said “Some people get addicted to tattoos, I’m addicted to cars. If I love it, I love it. If I walk in and it really gets to me, I’m like okay, I need that car,”
Dang 10 more points for Kendall, I like vintage cars too, the only difference is she can actually afford them.
Last but certainly not least, if you're a single dude, or lady out there looking for some Jenner action, here is a quick way to impress your girl. In a blogpost, our favorite supermodel revealed how to impress her in a seriously straightforward way. All you have to do is confidently do the classic yawn and stretch arm technique to win her heart. Okay maybe love isn't that simple but she went on to say
“You know the one, the 'Woah, I'm so tired I need to reach into the air and rest my poor, weary arm around your neck' technique.
'I would kind of love it if a guy did this to me,' she added.”
Which one of these stories surprised you the most??? Let me know in the comment section down below and after that click right over here to check out our specail Golden Globes episode of Dirty Laundry. And in case you haven't heard the word on the street, Dirty Laundry and Rumor Patrol have moved to Sundays! I'm your host @Tomplumley thanks for watching clevver news, I'll see you guys next time.
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