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Kendall & Kylie Jenner Afraid To Get Old

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner shine on the cover Style magazine and talk about how weird it is getting older.
Kendall and Kylie are on the May 31st cover of The Sunday Times’ Style magazine where they got rather candid in an interview with the publication talking about how scary it is getting older.
Kylie was quoted saying - "I'm scared of the day I turn 19. I really don't want to grow past 18.”
Well that’s not depressing to hear at all. Now of course, Kylie doesn’t actually want to drink from the fountain of youth and stay 18 forever, or maybe she does, but it sounds like she’s just going through the mid young adult life crisis that most people go through during that weird teenager to adult transition phase. I mean, who wants to adult??
The magazine said that Kylie addressed Kendall’s senior citizen status saying QUOTE – “You'll be 20 this year — that's crazy. And any second you'll be, like, 21, 22, 23...” To which Kendall responded - “It's scary. Life is scary.”
Terrifying indeed. But from an outside perspective, it is crazy to think that when we first started keeping up with the Kardashians in 2007, Kendall was only 12 years old and Kylie was 10! If that doesn’t make you feel old try touching your toes right now without bending your knees!
Kendall opened up more about how she feels about getting older saying QUOTE - -“It's just scary to think how fast everything is rolling and you can't stop it. It's rolling right now. You see a picture and you've changed so much in a year.” Kylie then added that she’s done so much physically.
Kendall also shined a light on the fact that social media has evolved into the tyrant of this generation saying QUOTE - "I think social media has taken over for our generation. It's a big part of our lives and it's kind of sad. I hate it sometimes, like, I literally want to throw my phone so I can't look at it. It's all a made-up world if you think about it. Social media, everything, this interview, everything. It's not real. It's pretty crazy.”
It’s true, nothing is real. I’m not real, you’re not real, waist trainer waistlines are definitely not real and we’re all probably just part of some creepy human simulation. But if you’re really freaking out about slowly dying, I mean getting older, don’t because it’s all part of life and life gets more and more interesting with each year so age away my friends, but beware of gravity because it will have no mercy on your face.
So how do you guys feel about aging? Sound off in the comment section below and tweet me @danawardonline. Don’t forget to subscribe and if your slowly wrinkling fingers are still functioning, click right over here to check a rundown of little known facts you may not know about Kylie Jenner. But don’t click too aggressively because you don’t want to sprain anything grandma.
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