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Lorde "Gutted" After Lollapalooza Set Gets Cancelled

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Lorde was not happy after her Lollapalooza performance was cancelled due to intense weather conditions. This episode of Clevver’s News Feed was brought to you by TWIX. It’s time to deSide. Which side are you?LeftTWIX or RightTWIX
It POURED in Chicago on Thursday and I don’t think it was anybody’s idea of making it rain.
Lorde and Muse were in the middle of their sets at Lollapalooza on Thursday when they were forced to leave the stage due to unsafe weather conditions. And we’re not talking a light sprinkle; According to the Chicago Sun-Times, there was a National Weather service warning that was preceded by heavy rains and lightning. The event staff and Chicago PD officers had to evacuate 400,000 festival goers from Chicago Grant Park into underground evacuation and shelter sites.
Although the cancellation was for her own safety, Lorde was not a happy camper. Following the evacuation she tweeted - “f***s sake. i am so gutted guys i don't know what to tell you. they've told us we can't play. i had the most spectacular show planned for you and i PROMISE i will come back to play it as soon as i can. looking into the possibilities of a club show but i want you guys to see full tank show. will keep you posted. this is the most MELODRAMA shit ever.” By Melodrama, she is of course referring to her new album. Matt Bellamy of Muse also felt cheated tweeting QUOTE - “Gutted. City/police made us leave the stage tonight 3 songs in at #Lollapalooza . Due to weather/lightning. Nightmare! Crowd awesome, we'll be back, hope lolla book us next year to make up.” The Director of Publicity for the festival made a statement saying - "We are disappointed to have to end today's performances early, however our first priority is the safety of our fans, staff and artists.” Definitely a bummer that Lorde and Muse didn’t get to perform their full sets but safety first. If any of you were there share your experience in the comment section below and of course don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.
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