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Millie Bobby Brown Faces BACKLASH Over 'Fake' Skincare Routine!

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We all love Milly Bobby Brown for her iconic and very convincing role as Eleven on Stranger Things, but it turns out she’s not as convincing when it comes to skincare tutorials. We still love her though.
What’s up? It’s Erin Robinson here with Clevver News and in case you missed it, Millie Bobby Brown just launched her own beauty brand called Florence by Mills.
It was the line’s first-ever drop and I have to give credit where credit is due... Millie really did check every single beauty box.
There’s an inclusive 20-shade range of foundations and concealers, luxurious skincare products, no harsh chemicals, and all at an affordable price point.
These are all things we can get behind, but to promote her new brand, Millie shared a video of her nighttime skincare regimen.
Very Kylie Jenner of her if I do say so myself!
The routine included several of her line’s products like the face mist, scrub, cleanser, moisturizer, and lip oil.
But she’s receiving some heat because viewers are pointing out that Millie’s eye makeup remains completely intact throughout the clip.
Isn’t your makeup supposed to come off when you wash your face? Asking for a friend...
Maybe it doesn’t wash off because she doesn’t appear to actually be applying any product to her face whatsoever.
People are flooding her comments on the video wondering what on earth was actually happening here.
One person wrote quote, “Wait there is nothing on her face???? What is she using?? Air????”
And another went off and wrote a whole essay about this.
They said quote, “The mist is the only thing she actually used! This girl basically just spent 2 minutes rubbing her face with her bare hands. Notice how she never let us see the product on her hands and had to tell us "okay, I'm using it now" for each product? Her skin never changed either when she "applied" each product. There was no visible product on the face. There was no shine from being damp or from a clear product being applied. She "washed" her face without even wetting it.”
And a third commenter said quote, “She didn't even use any of the products. And she still has eye makeup on. Come on!!!!”
But the best response to this video is on Reddit.
The fan quoted Millie’s Stranger Things character, Eleven, and said quote, “Friends don’t lie.”
The video was taken down from Instagram following the backlash, but is still up on YouTube.
But Millie isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last celeb to be mocked for promoting their beauty line in a somewhat misleading way.
Kylie Jenner was also accused of not knowing how to wash her face after sharing a similar kind of tutorial for her Kylie Skin line on Twitter.
In this video Kylie is seen using her foaming face wash to take off her makeup, however, she does not actually apply the face wash all over her face before quickly washing it away with water.
Then, when she dried her face with a white towel, many fans noticed foundation residue still there despite the claim that the wash removes makeup, dirt, and oil.
Not to mention that she’s using a filter, so we can’t even really tell what how the product actually makes her skin look.
We all know those snapchat filters hide EVERYTHING.
The comments on this video are pretty similar to the ones on Millie’s.
But anyway, last year Shay Mitchell made headlines for a staged Snapchat video promoting Bioré’s makeup remover.
In the snap, she seemingly pretends to remove her eye makeup with a cotton pad, but it remains perfectly in tact while she talks about how it’s come off.
If you haven’t seen this, you’re welcome.
Listen I’m not out here to blame or face wash shame them, they gotta make that money too so I respect the hustle, but next time ladies, maybe let’s actually wash our faces.
Just a thought.
But I want to know what you guys think.
Do you totally notice when celebs aren’t really using their products in their beauty tutorials? Or does it not really bother you? And have you had a chance to try anything from Millie’s new line? It actually looks awesome and I’ll need to get my hands on some.
Let me know down in the comments below.
And while you’re down there, head on over to that subscribe button and lets make our relationship YouTube official. And don’t freak out, We’re more than happy for this to be a one sided relationship where we do all the work, like delivering entertainment news. Click the bell and also catch up on everything else right over here. I’m Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time!
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