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Neil Patrick Harris & Anna Kendrick Opening Oscars Monologue 2015 Highlights

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Neil Patrick Harris takes his hosting skills to the 87th Annual Academy Awards and absolutely slayed possibly THE most epic opening monologue the Oscars stage has ever seen.
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Hey everybody, welcome back to Clevver’s Trophy Life where we are bringing you all of the highlights from Hollywood’s biggest night – it’s the Oscars!
So, you guys… This opening monologue was pretty much a show in itself. Never before has the Oscars done anything on the level OF epic, as they did in this year’s opening!
It ALL began with Neil center stage, making a joke about the level of pastey in the audience and in the nominated categories by welcoming everyone to QUOTE – “Hollywood’s brightest and whitest night.” ---After some uncomfortable readjusting in the audience, Neil moved on kicking the show off IN the best way the Tony winner knows how, of course, with a song!
The tune was filled with jokes about twitter, a possible Oscar Kanye incident, alcoholism within Hollywood, and Cumberbatch tossing back a flask… Pretty Laugh out loud if ya ask me butt right after that is when the MAGIC realllyyy went down!
Literally Disneyland was barfed onto the stage.
All of a sudden a spotlight illuminated Neil… That created a shadow behind him. And then the shadow began to pull birds out of a hat, followed by a cane… And before you knew it, Neil’s shadow was full on Gene Kelly in Singin’ In the Rain.
And as if that wasn’t cool enough… The shadow illusion wasn’t even the best part! They even had holograms ya’ll! They had Marilyn Monroe up there, Charlie Chaplin, and then Neil was shown IN some prefilmed segments that made it seem as though he was IN the movies…
And just as Neil made his way through the Into of the Woods segment… HOLD UP UMM… wait a minute… Okay, who comes out? Uhhh of course Into of the Woods’ own, Anna Kendrick… And I can’t even with how perfect this was.
Neil and CINDER-Anna then treated us with a duet before Jack Black came up and ambushed the song from the audience… Planned of course, but you know he sang too and was hilarious as usual… Especially when Anna threw her Cinderella shoe at him. AHH!
Then a stage door rose behind them, revealing an army of dancers dressed as classic characters from movies over the years, including storm troopers, Trojans, and various other cinematic favorites. It was kinda like the Les Mis march, mixed with Universal Studios and it totally got all up in my feels!
The epic song- hologram- guest star mash-up ended with ALL of the characters lining up behind Neil in single file, creating the illusion that Neil’s shadow was indeed an Oscar.
YOU GUYS… The special effects were so 2015, it’s insane… The future is here people.
So we HAVE TO KNOW, what did you think of Neil’s epic opening monologue? Well, sound off in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News if you got a minute! And If you missed any of the awards show content, click right here to check out the X1 Entertainment Operating System from Xfinity and find out how to never miss a show AGAIN.
Offff course ya gotta keep it right here with Clevver’s Trophy Life for all the Oscar moments you won’t want to miss. I’m Ryland Adams and I’ll see you soon.
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