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Nicki Minaj Ignites Rumors She's COLLABING With Adele & Then Goes Back On Her Word!

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There are some collaborations that I really never thought I would ever hear. Taylor Swift and Marilyn Manson. Young Thug and Jojo Siwa. But as it turns out, we might be getting a collab from two very unlikely top tier artists.
What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and if I learned one thing today, it’s that you should never trust Nicki Minaj with a secret.
Last night she had her launch party of her new line “Fendi Prints On” at the Fendi store in Beverly Hills.
If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s a line in her song “Chun Li”.
And while Nicki was working the red carpet, Entertainment Tonight caught up with her to ask her a few questions. They must have also seen that Nicki was singing along to Adele on her Instagram stories a few days ago.
She was singing to “Hello” … which now the Barbz and Adele fans alike are like… “HELLOOOO Nicki and Adele.. What is going on?!?”
And ET straight up asked her if she’s working on something with Adele.
So, uh, we’re all reacting the same way.
So we already know that the two musicians are big fans of each other.
You already saw Nicki singing along to Adele on her Instagram story.
And remember how Adele rapped Nicki’s whole verse in “Monster” not once, but twice?
That one was just earlier this year, but the longtime fan did the same thing on Carpool Karaoke way back in 2016.
Okay, sure, Nicki’s verse is undoubtedly the best verse on the song. But we’ll say that she keeps choosing to rap this part because they’re such good friends.
So why not collab together? Despite them having really different music styles. But still, sometimes opposites attract.
We’re not sure yet when we’ll get the song - if we ever do at all.
Nicki was pretty cryptic on Twitter when she replied to a fan who posted a video of the Entertainment Tonight interview. The fan accused her of lying about the collab… so Nicki took matters into her own hands!
And she responded with “ummm” and this little squiggly mouth emoji.
She later went back on Twitter to say “Omg guys. I thought everyone could clearly see I was being sarcastic. Now I have to go to Adele’s studio & steal some files. Who’s in the UK? I got a job for you”.
So either the collab isn’t happening after all, or Adele is PISSED that Nicki spilled the beans, so now she’s trying to cover her tracks.
But you know, if Nicki was lying, she should really continue her acting career because she said that with such a straight face. Remember when Nicki was on “The Other Woman”?
Fans were NOT happy that she lied about the collab. One person said “Why would you play with our feelings like that Nic”
And another just sent this meme:
So looks like Nicki and Adele will have to give the people what they want and make a song, if they haven’t already.
And it makes sense that Nicki and Adele would already have the song and music video done.
Adele has been teasing her new album for months now. There were even photos of her headed to the studio back in May.
There are rumors that she’ll have her next album out by the end of the year. And even better, there are rumors that she’s going to surprise drop a song at the end of this week.
Speaking of rumors, we talked about a possible collab between Adele and Nicki Minaj earlier today in rumor patrol.
And since this is Hollywood, things aren’t always as they seem. We shot that segment before Nicki straight up said it was happening on Tuesday night.
But luckily for us we said it was probably a true rumor anyway and the collaboration was in fact going to happen.
I mean, we’re not even sure if the song would be on Adele’s album. We know Nicki is supposed to come out with another album sometime soon as well.
That song will be called “Bad To You”. No word yet on what Nicki and Adele’s song will be called.
But until then, I want to hear from you guys. Do you think they’ll actually released a song and music video? Do you think Adele is going to be mad that the cat is out of the bag? Let me know what you think in the comments below.
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