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Nicki Minaj CLAPS BACK At Outlet Over False Reports of 'Cancelling' Tour

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Nicki Minaj CLAPS back at outlet over reports she’s “Cancelling” her tour.
No, Nicki is NOT cancelling her tour altogether. And she is NOT here for anyone suggesting that she is.
Nicki put Billboard on BLAST after the outlet tweeted out a headline suggesting she was cancelling the North American leg of her tour altogether. Nicki shared a screenshot of the story on her Instagram page, along with a lengthy statement that read in part QUOTE, “Barbz get me the name of this writer then hit them & tell them this is one black woman they will not bully into a corner by FRAUDULENT SHAMING TACTICS. So to clarify; because I realize common sense is far from common... I haven’t CANCELLED anything. I reversed the order of the US & EUROPEAN LEGS of my tour. This is for obvious reasons to anyone with a brain.”
And speaking of those reasons, Billboard and other outlets like The New York Post suggested that Nicki may have had to postpone the tour due to low ticket sales. Nicki shut down those rumors, adding to her Instagram post QUOTE, “My album was originally going to drop in June which would’ve given me 3 months of tour rehearsal. However, I was still writing & recording up to last week. We are all grown right? We can all do math right? Or will they just pretend to not have basic sense so that they can board the Nicki Hate train & get some clicks? I can’t rehearse 4 WEEKS for a tour I originally planned on rehearsing 3 months for.”
After calling out Billboard, the outlet changed their tune on their website, publishing another article titled “Nicki Minaj's NICKIHNDRXX Ticket Sales Probably Weren't Why She Rescheduled Her Tour.” They explained that even if the ticket sales WERE low, that would not be a logical reason to postpone a tour, writing QUOTE, “It’s unlikely a promoter would postpone an arena tour no matter how weak the sales, due in part to the sky-high costs of rescheduling in the increasingly crowded concert market.”
So moral of the story, don’t spread rumors about Nicki Minaj or even HINT that she’s totally cancelling a tour, when she already explained that she’s simply postponing it so that she can give her fans a well-rehearsed, incredible show.
Alright guys now I wanna hear from you -- are you glad Nicki called out Billboard? And what do you think of their follow-up story? Do you think they owe her an apology? Sound off with all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.
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