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Our Favorite Romanian Food in Bucharest, Romania

Heading back to Bucharest from Brasov, Romania allowed us to eat all of our favorite Romanian dishes one last time before leaving the country. With this in mind, we headed over to La Plăcinte restaurant to order a complete meal. With a huge menu featuring a selection of Moldavian pies, soups, salads, grilled meats and desserts narrowing down what we wanted to have for the last time was a daunting task. We ended up ordering as follows:
If you're in București be sure to try lunch or dinner at La Placinte (La Plăcinte).
1) Moldavian pie with sheep and goat cheese
2) Polenta cheese balls
3) Pork bake with cheese, cream, mushrooms, potatoes and tomatoes
4) Chocolate cake with Halva, walnuts and caramel.

Our Favorite Romanian Food in Bucharest, Romania Travel Video Transcript:
We're coming to the end of our time in Romania and we thought we'd take you out one last time to show you some traditional Romanian cuisine. It's definitely been a highlight of our trip. We've absolutely loved eating Romanian food, so we can't wait to show you a few new things.
So I'm very excited because our food has finally arrived and first up I'm going to show you this Moldavian pancake. So it is basically a dough pancake and it is filled with sheep's cheese and cow's cheese but our server also asked if we wanted bacon inside, so we said 'yes, of course.' So let's dig in. I'm going to cut it up and show you what it looks like.
On this inside. Oh, yeah. You can see all of the cheese seeping out. Mmmm.
Yeah, we've had this a few times and they're really generous with the cheese. Oh yeah. And you can order all different kinds of cheese. They have cottage cheese, you can get mozzarella cheese, whatever you like. Oh, so check it out from this angle. Can you see the bacon in there? Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, baby. Oh, yeah.
Let's try it. I'm just eating it like a pizza. I don't know if is right.
Oh, that's still hot. Mmmm.
That's really good guys. Really good. A little greasy. My fingers are looking oily. But those flavors, the salty cheese and then you've got the bacon. It's real good. It's a nice little appetizer here. I like that you can have it as an appetizer or you could also have it as a main. Like if you were to eat that whole thing it's filling.
And we forgot to mention this can also be served as a dessert. That's right. You can get sweet ones as well. Yeah, sweet cheese and raisins and cranberries. We haven't tried one of those yet but. Maybe we should. Hahaha.
Okay, look over here because this is a pretty cool dish. Polenta balls. And I find it really interesting because I've had polenta before in places like Argentina and Italy but I've never seen the polenta rolled out into a little ball like they do here in Romania.
And if I cut it in half you can see that it is stuffed with cheese. Oh, yeah. Just look at that. Oh, yeah.
And here it comes with a garlic sauce with dill and also sour cream. So let's add a bit of sour cream. Dunk that in the garlic. Look at that. Oh, wow.
Mmmm. That's real good. That is so garlic-y. I'm going to have really bad breath after this but it is so good. It is worth it.
What do you have over here. Can you tell us about this? Yeah, so over here I have basically, if you look down again, so we can see. We have basically a pork cheese bake. So you can see that the cheese is melted on top. You have pork right here. And if you look, if I kind of move this around you can see that there is a really nice cream sauce and there is a lot of potatoes, different vegetables. Oh, and mushrooms. And then you have tomatoes all around the outside. So it is really tasty. You get a lot of different ingredients happening. Try some of that.
This is really good. This sort of reminds me a little bit of a lasagna. Mmmmm.
And of course we could not resist getting some dessert. So we are having something called Tort a Lunel. And I'm probably butchering the name but that is how I think it is pronounced. And it is basically a dense chocolate cake with Halva, walnuts and peanuts. Oh, my!
Alright, time for me to try this. Wow! That is some kind of decadent. I don't even know how we're going to finish this. The two of us with one piece of cake.
I find when I'm having Romanian food I am so stuffed by the end of the meal. Siesta time after this for sure..
Time for price point. It was 95 Lei which if we do the conversion according to Sam is very cheap. Right, Sam? Yeah, it is just over 20 US dollars and we ended up getting 3 drinks, 3 mains and a dessert. Not bad.
This is part of our Travel in Romania series. We're making a series of videos showcasing Romanian culture, Romanian arts, Romanian foods, Romanian religion, Romanian cuisine and Romanian people.
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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).
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