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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Promo & Spoilers (4x24) - Ali Tells All & A Unmasked

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Ooooh- eeeem -- geeeee. The fourth season of Pretty Little Liars is obviously coming to an end next Tuesday, and we have to say, this season finale looks like it's going to be the most intense one yet -- and seriously, we're not just saying that! What's up guys, welcome back to Clevver News. So it appears as though the Liars -- and Ali! -- come face-to-face with their tormentor, and I cannot believe that I'm actually saying this, but they'll finally get to see who it is! In addition to that potentially huge reveal, we're also FINALLY getting answers as to what went down the night Ali went missing. As in, who BURIED HER ALIVE? Even though there are sooo many questions, we do know one thing for sure -- it was a girl or woman who did it, since at the beginning of the promo, Ali says "She thought I was dead..." Wow, who could it be? Maybe Melissa?! Jenna?! Cece?! Ali's own mother?! Well, we'll also get to see some familiar faces such as Noel Kahn who appears to have been helping Ali all this time, as well as Ian -- in flashback form, of course, since, ya know, he died during the first season. Also, it looks like Ezra was around the night of Ali's disappearance...sketchy, much?! Either way, check out a clip from next week's episode for yourself.Oh mannnn, just as it was getting good! Seriously, we cannot WAIT until next Tuesday on ABC Family. The suspense is already killing us. What do YOU think about next week's ep? Got any theories of your own as to what's going on? Shout 'em out in that comments section below, and make sure you click right here to get updated on some more TV scoop from HBO's Game of Thrones. And make sure you hit that subscribe button for everything PLL. Thanks for tuning into Clevver News, I'm Dana Ward. We'll see you next time!

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