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Who Is Charles DiLaurentis? 4 "Pretty Little Liars" A Theories - Season 5 Finale

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Ok, so who the crap is Charles DiLaurentis?! This. Is. Pure. Torture.
The season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars premiered last night and as always, we were promised a Big A Reveal aaaaand let’s just say we got it… but, like, we didn’t. Since the very beginning, what seems like thousands of A theories have pointed to Allison having a twin but A was revealed to be Charles DiLaurentis and who is that you might ask? WE HAVE NO CLUE!
But before we move on, let’s just try and recap the finale for you as fast as we can. Ready…
Ok, so now let’s get down to business. Who is Charles? All we know right now is that he is Jason’s twin brother, but is Charles even his real name, is his hair color even brown, AHHHH OBVIOUSLY nothing is impossible in this series so COULD THE REAL CHARLES DILAURENTIS PLEASE STAND UP because we’re bout to list off potential characters that COULD be him, even though we have a feeling it’ll probably just end up being some random new character we haven’t met yet. So here goes:
First is Andrew. He’s the smart, sly guy and all of a sudden he’s seemed to turn over to the bad side. In the finale, we saw him on his headphones listening in on people trying to find the girls. So maybe he’s not Charles, but he COULD be Charles’ righthand man. Plus, the photos Spencer and Mona found seem to look a lot like Andrew.
Then we have Wren, because he’s always been a potential andddd he definitely fits the age range if Charles is in fact Jason’s twin.
Next is Caleb, because he just seems to know way too much all the time, and could potentially be the mastermind hacker behind all of this.
And finally we have Holbrook. He’s older, he fits the mysterious dark hair mold and he’s literally disappeared so where has he been all this time and why hasn’t he come back? Oh, and he’s obviously had a past with Ali so who knows, he might be in the mood to torment. IDK.
So, shocker alert guys, the finale has pretty much led us down the path of confusion yet again, my brain is fried and now we’re gonna have to wait til summer to try and solve the ongoing mystery that is A. But who do you think A could be? Do you think it’s one of the guys we mentioned orrr do you have a different theory of your own? Let me know what you think in the comments section below because I’m dying to hear your thoughts on the matter and then click right over here to check out 9 things you didn’t know about PLL, and sadly A is not one of those things… Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host, Joslyn Davis, and I’ll see ya next time!
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