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RC ADVENTURES - CEN "GST-E COLOSSUS" 4x4 Monster Trucks - Electric 1/8th Scale Bashing

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Click Here To Subscribe! ► - ** WARNiNG - EDM ALERT! HiGH ENERGY MUSiC - You Have Been Warned ;) ** Everett and I hit the track with our New CEN GST-E Monster Trucks (1/8th scale). I was so impressed with my first CEN that we knew we had to rip a few of these rigs on a track. It is a cloudy day.. but that didn't deter us from having some fun with these Colossus MT's. They are a little squirrely on the track with these types of tires.. as it seems to just float. But the 4wd certainly helps pull you out of a skid. These sure are a lot different than the 1/5th scale trucks we drive on this track.. but WOW, as you can see from the video.. they are a lot of fun. We DIDNT BREAK A THiNG!! My tire came out of its bead.. but other than needing to tighten the wheel nuts.. everything came out rather unscathed..

Here are some product specs (as I know folks will ask about them)

Scale - 1:8
Fuel type - Electric
Radio Bands - 2.4GHz
Wheel Type - 7.5 Inch Chrome wheel
Wheel Diameter - 7.5"
Tire Type - V-threaded Monster Tire
Suspension Type - 8 shocks with functional reservoirs
Motor Type - P4074 / 4P / 2200kV
Frame Material - Aluminum
Drive System - CVD 4WD
Model Number - CEG9514
Batteries Required? Yes

Here is what the manufacturer says on their website -

"Introducing the CEN Racing GST-E, the largest and most powerful 1/8 brushless monster truck in the market! Designed from the ground up to be a mean off-road dirt pounding machine the GST-E is engineered for maximum durability and amazing performance. Powered by a HobbyWing competition brushless 2200kV 4 Pole motor and ESC combo with high efficiency cooling fans on both the motor and ESC, you can rest assured that GST-E will stay "cool" and handle plenty of harsh bashing. The included radio system gives you peace of mind that only 2.4GHz can offer. Now you do not need to worry about other racers in the area, or EM interference from your massive power system! The GST-E features three fully sealed differentials that can be filled with silicone oil (grease included out of factory). The chassis design is perfectly balanced for superior handling. An active center differential is included on the GST-E for better durability and on-track performance. Couple this with the gargantuan 7.5 inch low profile tires and the GST-E will dwarf everything else out there. The special Colossus Edition features an updated body design. More importantly, it comes with a Savöx servo installed straight from the factory. Talk about bang for the buck, nothing else out there comes close!"

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Artist: Pegboard Nerds
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