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RC ADVENTURES - BEGiNNERS GUiDE to Electric RC Monster Trucks: Top 10 Identifiable Parts!

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Did you just get a NEW Radio Controlled Electric Monster Truck and your super excited - but really, you're not sure how to begin?! Number 1 - Start by reading the instruction book that came with it. That book will teach you a LOT about your new Truck. But, at the moment - Let me Guess, you are feeling Confused, or kinda Unsure about what you are talking about when referring to parts on your truck. Well - this video was made just for you, as I have been there.. and hope this video is helpful for folks of ALL AGES!
The Model I am using in this video is the "Arrma Kraton" 1/8th scale Monster Truck. A lot of the parts I show you on this truck will be on yoru MT, and will help you understand exactly how this vehicle works.
Some of the Main Parts I speak about in this video are
1) Radio/Transmitter/TX/Receiver/RX "Remote Control"
2) Chassis Plate / Braces
3) Shock Towers
4) Shocks/Dampers + (Shock Towers)
5) Suspension Arms
6) Steering Servo - (& Block/Spindle/Knuckle)
7) Differentials (Front/Rear/Center)
8) Brushless Motor/Pinion Gear
9) ESC (Electronic Speed Control)
10) Lid/Body/Top (Lexan/PolyCarbonate, ABS "Vaccum Formed)
A lot of viewers ask me for more information about the products I use in my films, so I try to provide some anticipated answers here.
Where to get one:
Where to get it's cousin, the "Talion":
Product Details:
Designed with a low-profile stance and equipped with a specially created nylon rear wing, the KRATON 6S is aerodynamic and really turns heads when you roll into town
Loaded with the BLX185 waterproof ESC and 2050kV brushless motor, the KRATON 6S is ready for 6S LiPo power in all conditions
Rugged front and rear suspension arms are combined with pivot ball suspension and super-tough steel CVD driveshafts, meaning when you hit the terrain, you have confidence that you can blast hard
More grip, faster power transfer, the all-new dBoots MINOKAWA tires and multi-spoke nylon wheels will help you put all that BLX brushless torque straight into the surface
The included Tactic TTX300 radio system delivers interference-free control that’s as precise as it is secure
Visit the ARRMA Website to see even more info about this product:
KRATON 6S BLX Product Direct:
CHECK OUT THE ARRMA YouTUBE CHANNEL for some great cinematic and action packed RC Fun!
ARRMA Facebook:
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