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Im putting my wife in for the "coolest wife ever" award just for attempting todays video! Let's back up a few weeks - When my wife said she wanted a Raminator - I made a move. Then she said "No Silly, A MONSTER TRUCK!" haha... Yeah, my wife gave me the OK to purchase another PRIMAL RC RAMINATOR before they had sold out again.. that we could have 2 here at the studio to play with on the track, entertain some friends and have fun! Maybe even make a few more jumps in the spring time! Only thing she made me promise is she got to give it the first go.. and we could have "His and Hers" monster trucks. well twist my rubber arm! haha.. She also wanted to help put it together, so she understood more about the truck. Everything is stock on the NEW truck, and of course it was a pleasure getting to see the excitement on her face when out came all the HUGE pieces that put this Goliath together! There is a WHOLE LOTTA Aluminum on this truck, and as you will see in this film.. it is a formidable size to negotiate. She's used to that though, and was able to work it with ease.
Super Proud of my girl for stepping up to film on camera and to put this truck together, with only a little assistance from me! Here are some specs on the stock truck.. (the Yellow one is upgraded)
After so many years on Youtube, I know people will ask me where to get this truck.. so here is where I purchased my wife's new truck:
Standard Features
Six Piece Modular 5mm thick CNC Aluminum chassis
49cc 4 bolt 2 stroke reed valve 2 stroke pull start engine with remote engine kill switch!
Large 12 inch long high volume CNC Aluminum body coil over dual spring shocks
Adjustable aluminum 4 link suspension with steel heim joint ends
Large 78mm Centrifugal Clutch
All Steel HD drive train and double chain driven single speed transfer case with counter rotating drive shafts
5 different interchangeable gear ratios to choose from.
Heavy Duty CNC Aluminum modular Axles
Front and rear CNC cased oil filled torque control differentials for awesome on road or off road performance
Huge 12"x7.5" High traction tires mounted on 24mm hex bead-lock Nylon rims with inner tire foams
Tuned pipe for maximum performance and sound
Front and Rear Sway bars
Dual Steering Servos with inter grated adjustable servo saver system with steel heim joints
Front and Rear axle mounted mechanical disc brakes
Strong Plastic roll cage and Strong 2 piece Poly carbonate body shell with detailed interior and Raminator Sticker Sheet
Radio controlled reverse feature
Strong CNC Aluminum parts used just about everywhere in this truck!
Ball bearings used throughout the entire vehicle
Large 1200cc Fuel Tank for super long run times (a few hours!)
Enjoy the show!
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