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RC ADVENTURES - Classic 1960's B Series MACK Semi Truck Gets an UPGRADE!

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I have been working on this classic 1960's style MACK semi truck on and off for a few months. Finally today, I upgrade the back drive axles after previously discovering that the truck had a rear-axle issue when I installed the transmission and motor. I acquired this truck in a purchase a few years ago.. and turned out to be an old "Semi Joe" cab from yearrrrs ago! I really scored with it.. and although it looks a little rough around the edges, I am so stoked to have it! There is something so RARE about this style of cab.. and being able to keep the hood ope, showing off an older, but still relevant CAT ASCERT Diesel Engine is just too Sick! I mentioned our show "Loading Wars", which recently changed to LOADING KINGS on our other channel.. . If you are curious about what was wrong with the rear axle.. I posted a pic on my Instagram:
Semijoes website:
CHECK IT OUT, I think you will really enjoy it !
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