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Click Here To Subscribe! ► - Another awesome job by my friend at PiTDAWG Hydro - in making me a pretty cool Grave Robber Body! I removed the Hood scoop as I didn't want it to get damaged during filming - (Monster Trucks are always going to Flip.. no matter what!) Powering this truck is a 20,000mah 4S Lipo! Actually 2 10,000mah 2S lipo hooked together.. but all the same!

Body Dipped by

This is my CEN GST-E Monster truck.. and I love the 4x4 action of it!

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This is the CEN Racing GST-E 1/8 Scale Brushless 4WD Monster Truck, with an included 2.4GHz Radio System and 2200kV 4-Pole Brushless Motor. The GST-E is the largest, and most powerful 1/8 scale brushless monster truck in the market!

The GST-E features three fully sealed differentials that can be filled with silicone oil (grease included out of factory) to tune the handling of the truck. The chassis design is perfectly balanced giving the truck superior handling regardless of the surface. An active center differential is included in the GST-E for better durability and on-track performance while a optional differential lock is available separately.

The gargantuan 7.5 inch low profile tires with chrome wheels dwarf everything else out there and will provide plenty of grip for nearly any terrain you can find. Along with the wheels, the truck's body has been pre-painted in one of the best looking schemes to ever be included with a Ready-To-Rock truck.

In-Depth Features:

Durability You Can See: The GST-E use aerospace aluminum chassis components and CNC/Steel drivetrain parts throughout the truck. Heavy Duty shock towers, turnbuckle, high impact bumper...etc are all manufactured with highest quality of DuPont plastic. The GST-E is simply the most powerful, durable, and exciting truck ever introduced in R/C industry.

HobbyWing Brushless Motor Cooling System: HobbyWing's 4-Pole Brushless motor is equipped with an aluminum cooling fin and electronic cooling fan to keep temperatures down. The GST-E will stay "cool" and handle plenty of harsh bashing.

8mm CVS Shafts: Huge heavy duty CVS (constant velocity shafts) are included. These shafts allow for better handling through bumps and best of all are super heavy duty. Made of harden steel.

Minimum of 4S LiPo Battery is needed, but the battery tray has plenty of room for a lot more. Battery packs can sit both horizontally and vertically.

V-Threaded Monster Truck Tire/High Bite Sniper Race Tires: The GST-E is now equipped with the V-threaded Monster Truck tire. High bite Sniper race tires (optional) provide traction on most racing surfaces from loamy to hard packed tracks.

Front/Rear/Center-Aluminum Differential: The GST-E now comes with a super strong differential case that houses the ultra strong gear differential. This is by far the strongest differential system ever developed in the industry.

Chassis: Aluminum Vertical Plate Design
Length: 23.1in (587mm)
Width: 18.4in (467mm)
Wheelbase: 15.63in (397mm)
Ground Clearance: 4in (111.8mm)
Suspension Travel: 5in (127mm)
Pinion Gearing: 12T
Spur Gearing: 66T
Motor/ESC Spec: HobbyWing P4074 / 4P / 2200kV
Motor Pole: 4-Pole
Cooling Fan: Yes
Aluminum Cooling Fin: Yes
Capacity: 4S LiPo Battery

Where I get my RC's:

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