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Road Day to Complete Off Road Ranch in Iowa! Part 2 - 2014 Ultimate Adventure Week

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Ahh, an Ultimate Adventure road day! Many would think that the trail days are going to be the toughest challenge to the well-built off-road rig, but after a hard trail day is usually when one finds the weak links. Dirt packed in the radiator preventing cooling, water in the hubs or axles wreaking havoc, mud in the wheels causing death wobble . . . The group rolls out of North Platte Nebraska, and almost 700 miles and 18 and a half hours later, rolls into their first campsite near Dubuque, Iowa to rest up. The crew is greeted in the morning at Complete Off Road Ranch by 200 acres of forested patches interwoven with corn and soybean fields, and pastures. Because of the huge amount of rain chased into the area the trails are slick and sloppy. The greasy mud in this area of Iowa requires drivers to use wheel speed to clear tread lugs and keep ahold of Mother Earth.
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