Spanish Breakfast in Granada, Spain


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Join us for Spanish breakfast in Granada, Spain as we review a number of traditional favorites such as Spanish omelettes (tortilla española), Spanish donuts with chocolate (churros con chocolate) and Spanish sandwiches with cured ham (bocadillo de jamón serrano). In addition to this we also ordered tea, coffee and cappuccino along with a slice of carrot cake. It turned into more of a large brunch than a breakfast by the end of the meal.
Our final verdict is we loved our meal. The atmosphere in the cafe was really cool, the quality of everything was excellent and the price was reasonable. We'd highly recommend checking it out.
Granada Cafe location and information:
Via Colon (Restaurant in Granada)
Address: Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 13, 18001 Granada, Spain
Hours: Daily 8AM to 12AM
Phone: +34 958 22 07 52
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Spanish Breakfast in Granada, Spain Travel Food Video Transcript:
Good morning. It is a Saturday here in Granada. And not a creature is stirring. Not even a mouse. The plan for today is to go out for breakfast. We want to show you what a Spanish breakfast looks like. Yesterday while we were out in town Sam noticed a place (Via Colon). We're going to try and retrace our steps. There is a few good places so yeah we won't have any trouble finding one.
Okay so Sam found a great little spot for us not too far from the apartment. This place is called ViaColon and it is a beautiful coffee house (cafe). Like it is classy inside. And prices are very reasonable I have to say. Yeah. It is competitive with some more rustic looking places. We ordered three different things. They have a menu for breakfast. You have like 5 different options. We've ordered 3 of them because we were feeling pretty hungry. We think we can tackle 3 breakfasts between the two of us.
Okay we're going to start off with something sweet. That is the plan now guys.
Going in for the churros. The churros dunk. In a hot chocolate. I just love the thickness of the chocolate. I just can't get over it. When have you seen hot chocolate so thick. And it is like dunking it in chocolate sauce. Sludge. Chocolate sludge.
Okay now that we've had our sweet stuff let's move on to the savory. Oh yeah. And first up we have the tortilla which the best way to describe this would be like a potato and egg omelette. Yeah. It is about an inch thick. And yeah. I'd say this is a bit more of a generous portion than what I'm used to. Like they really give us a nice slab here.
Time for me to go in for the Spanish Tortilla (tortilla española).
Anyways uh it is very simple ingredients. Just potato and egg. Yeah. And it is thick. It is a lot denser than what it may look like.
So the third item on the menu it was listed as bari which I haven't heard before because it is kind of like a toasted sandwich with Jamón serrano. Oh can you open that one more time. And on the other side. Oh. We've got the tomato. I didn't know it came with tomato. I couldn't even see that when I was first looking. I know.
This is our first time having it with tomato. Yeah. Like usually when we ask for a bocadillo de jamón serrano. Like a sandwich. Yeah. It is just bread and ham.
That was a glorious feast of feasts. It was already big enough breakfast but yeah I'm certainly full now.
On to price point. It came to just under 19 Euros. that included 3 breakfast mains. Out of those breakfast mains the hot chocolate came with the churros (churros con chocolate). Your tea came with the sandwich right. I ordered an additional cappuccino.
And then an additional slice of cake. That was a lot of food for 19 Euros. It really was. Great atmosphere in here. The quality of everything was good. I'd highly recommend coming here. What a great way to start the day.
This is part of our Travel in Spain video series showcasing Spanish food, Spanish culture and Spanish cuisine.
Music by EHRLING:
Dokumentari - Documentary

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