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Welcome To Jember Fashion Carnival

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Jember Fashion Carnival

Jember Fashion Carnival or JFC is an annual event that being held and become particular icon from Jember regency, East Java. This spectacular event is about carnival that shown the world trend fashion, which followed by aroung 600 participants and can be watched live by thousand viewers in 3,6 KM catwalk, and it already recorded by Indonesia Museum Record.

This annual carnival is always enchanted and become national agenda to see the attractiveness. The carnival is start from the Central Park to Sport Hall Jember. There are 9 themes from each participant that symbolize the trend fashion at that moment of time.

At the opening scene there will be JFC Marching Band, and followed by the Archipelago themes which show the Indonesia custom dress, like Bali, Java, Sumatra and more. Other themes are sometimes inspired by world's fashion, movie themes, particular event or something happening at that time. All clothing is made in the form of dazzling and hilarious costumes, and all of which are competed to win prizes.

All the participants were made, represent and show their own costume, including the makeup, hair style and other details to show. Hence, for all the participants that join this carnival get free short training regarding the fashion designing, fashion runaway, dancing, presenting, singing, makeup and hair styling.

Although, it becomes the national agenda, but amazingly, this event is purely funded by society finance, cooperated with local government and police.

By this annual carnival, JFC is wants to deliver message in case of education, entertainment, exhibition and economic benefit from this event.

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