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Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick Recreate Sports Movies With James Corden!

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For the late late show post Super Bowl episode sunday night James Cordon got Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, and Adam Devine to help him recreate epic scenes from Sports Movies in 7 minutes and it was everything!
I said burr its cold in here there must some tours in the atmosphere…that was jus one of the many recreations the 4 did…so lets start reminiscing!
The video is called “History of Sports in 7 Minutes,” and the four comedians actually ran through the sketches pretty smoothly starting with Bad News Bears and ending with a montage of Rocky movies. Here are some our personal favorites!
Lets start of with The Sandlot. I have one thing to say to Anna, You’re killing me smalls!
Then the boys went all out in cheerleading outfits as they recreated the famous cheer from Bring it on. I have to say I was impressed by James and Zac’s high kicking skills.
Now thats what you call a high kick! And of course Its not a throw back sport movie video without jamming to a little bit of Space Jam. From Space Jam they then transition into the Blind Side where AK put on a stellar performance feeling some very big shoes acting as Sandra Bullocks character.
But those shoes might have seemed small compared to the character that James Cordon was about to fulfill. Everyone loves Varsity Blue right well have you ever wondered what James Corden would look like wearing nothing but a whipped cream bikini? Well you’re in luck check out this gem
Corden went so far to drink a raw egg, a la Rocky Balboa, now if that isn’t true commitment right there I don’t know what is.
Those were just a few of our favorites so make sure you check out the whole video because I have to say their skit definitely had me laughing. Now more than ever I can’t wait fro see the movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates where we can see Anna, Adam and Zac hit the big screen together. Clearly these three have crazy chemistry together. But I want to know what you guys thought about the history of sports in 7minutes which reenactment was your favorite let me know in the comments below or hit me up on insta at Jackie Iadonisi to let me know! After that click over here to check out Super Bowl 50 Halftime highlights because it was SO GOOD! You seriously have to watch it! Thanks for hanging out with me this Monday on Clevver News. Have an awesome week ill see you soon!
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