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Best Rebound BFF: Selena Gomez vs Taylor Swift

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What's worse than a rebound hook up? A rebound best friend! Welcome to Battle of the Rebound BFF- as we stack up Selena Gomez and her new younger bestie Kendall Jenner VS Taylor Swift and her new REALLY younger bestie Lorde. Tun, tun, tun! That was for dramatic effect. Now- Yall know how this novella went. Selena and Taylor were poised to live happily ever after as the best of amigas. Then something unknown happened to break the two up, and the two girls went solo. Until Tay befriended barely 17 year old Lorde, and they discovered that they both enjoy long walks on the beach, shopping, sparklers, black and white photography, and pda. These girls did a total 180 since originally they were enemies as Lorde had publicly dissed Taylor. Then she took it back and they've been posing in selfies together ever since. And though Selly Sel has had her hands full with her newly rekindled relationship with good boy gone bad boy gone possibly good boy again Justin Bieber, that does not mean that Sel doesn't have some time left over to cultivate a new female best friend. Enter Kendall Jenner. The reality star known for her nipple flashing and crush on Harry Styles has found a kindred connection in Selena. They both enjoy crop tops, eating at Joan's restaurant, they have the same taste in cocktail dresses, and, um, did we mention they both like eating at the same restaurants? Yeah, their friendship is a little newer so we're not sure how deep this one will go, but maybe what Sel sees in kendall is... Taylor! They both dated Harry Styles. Or maybe Taylor is fishing for Lorde's inner Selena? They both like... pant suits? And oxygen. Ok ok looks like these ladies really have just moved on, but who's got the better rebound BFF- Taylor or Sel? Tweet me your vote! I'm Miriam Isa and I highly suggest you check out this video where the Divergent stars play a not so innocent game of bed/wed/dead aka marry, kill, screw. It's awesome. And for more videos like this one, subscribe to clever news!

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