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Bhad Bhabie Calls Nicki Minaj "Salty" Over Cardi B's Success!

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From Doctor Phil to David Spade, wherever Bhad Bhabie goes, headlines will soon follow!

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Danielle Bregoli was on “Lights Out with David Spade” – his Comedy Central talk show – to talk about, uh, well, a lot of things.

I did, however, know that he and Bhad Bhabie have been bffs for quite a while now.

Ever since he starred in the music video for her breakout song ‘Gucci Flip Flops.

So after solidifying that unlikely friendship over some jarred milk, David had her on his talk show along with two comedians Donnell Rawlings and Guy Branum.

And they discussed everything from Twitter feuds to Lindsay Lohan.

Do I think that Bhad Bhabie fully knows who Lindsay Lohan is? Eh.

Am I hoping for a collab anyway? Absolutely.

The conversation really got interesting when the topic of Nicki Minaj’s retirement came into play.

Soooo if that Lindsay collab doesn’t work out then maybe she’ll team up with Cardi B? Again this is all just wishful thinking.

The rest of the middle-aged men on the panel, bless their hearts, tried to keep up. They really did. But as the only Gen Z representative on the panel, Bhad Bhabie really stole the show.
First she gave her respects to Nicki by giving credit where credit is due. She rightfully claimed that Nicki has been around before anybody else and deserves respect.

She said, and yes, this is a quote, “You gotta give Nicki her props though. Nicki was running this shit before annnybody”.
Nicki started off her career in 2004 and started dropping mixtapes in 2007. She was discovered by Lil Wayne and signed to Young Money Entertainment shortly after. She really did change the game for female rappers and did a lot that has never been done before. She constantly broke barriers with her style and her dedication to being herself.
Obviously, Nicki really made waves in 2011 with her song “Super Bass” which shot up to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
So what Bhad Bhabie had to say about her actually made a lot of sense. Especially when she got to the part about Cardi.

She said that Nicki should have taken Cardi under her wing from the very beginning instead of being salty about another black female rapper coming up in popularity.
And other members of the panel said that it was because of Cardi that Nicki decided to retire from music.
You remember when Bhad Bhabie turned to Instagram live not too long ago to talk about how both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj don’t write their own music .

But she apparently meant no disrespect to her elders.

And of course, the Barbz went after Danielle almost immediately. Like this person who said “You obsessed wit Nicki so much yet you love to flip flop in every interview. One minute its Nicki then the next its Cardi then on live you bashin the both of them girl get a life”

Well, if Bhad Bhabie is flip flopping, at least she’s doing it in Gucci.

On David Spade’s late night show, she basically said that Nicki is salty that Cardi has been successful. And she’s been pretty consistent in that belief.

And then the topic of drink throwing came up, as it often does when Bhad Bhabie is around. This was probably a nod to when she threw her drink at Iggy Azalia at the Fashion Nova launch party.

But despite her many enemies and haterz, Bhad Bhabie just keeps going. Calling Nicki salty might not have been a great move on her part, but it’s certainly gotten people talking.

And what can Nicki Minaj say when she called her one of the greats in the same breath? Because she makes a point! Who knows what it would look like if Cardi and Nicki never started feuding. Sure we’d never have shoe-gate, but would we have better music?
I guess that’s something we’ll never really know. But I want to hear what you guys think. Was Bhad Bhabie in the right to call nicki salty? Does she have a point? Do you think there’s any alternate universe where Cardi and Nicki would have gotten along? Let me know what you think in the comments below.
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