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Cardi B FURIOUS She's $1 Million Behind Nicki Minaj On Forbes List!

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Forbes Magazine usually isn’t a publication to cause much drama. You know, leave that to the gossip rags. But in 2019 anything is possible – especially when it involves Cardi B.

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and the Forbes list of The World’s 20 Top-Earning Hip-Hop Stars was released yesterday morning.

For the first time ever, Kanye West topped the list and beat out Jay-Z, likely thanks to the success of Yeezy.
But still, you know Jay-Z became the first hip hop billionaire earlier this year when his net worth finally exceeded a billion dollars on his own – not counting the money and assets that are his wife Beyonce’s. So Jay-Z is probably still leagues ahead of Kanye – just not on this particular list for this particular year.
Anyway, The Forbes Top 20 Earning Hip Hop Stars list represents money earned from June 2018 to June 2019, and you have to earn a whopping 18 million to even make the list. Which is just what Pitbull made at the 20th spot.
So obviously Kanye and Jay-Z topped the chart, followed by Drake in number 3. As the most streamed artist of any genre, he’s certainly deserved that spot.

From there, we see Diddy, Travis Scott, Eminem, Dj Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, and a bunch of other men.

The first woman on the list didn’t come until the 12th spot, which is way too late in my opinion. But nevertheless, that woman was Queen Nicki Minaj.
Since last June, Nicki has released her album “Queen”, partnered with Fendi, released songs with Ariana Grande, done a whole lot of Queen radio, done a European tour, and done a whole lot of other things that are too long to list in this story.

Forbes claims that Nicki made 29 million in the past year. And immediately following Nicki at the number 13th spot was Cardi B – who Forbes is reporting made 28 million. One million less than Nicki.

Well, Cardi didn’t like that very much. She turned to Twitter to say “Where do Forbes be getting they numbers from cause they way off?”
She didn’t mention Nicki’s name, but people still think that this tweet was directed at her. A lot of fans trolled Cardi by posting photos and gifs of Nicki laughing or holding money or just generally looking rich.
Someone said “I think that Cardi’s biggest gripe with the Forbes list, Nicki still outdid her even while she was down”

But some Cardi fans are still taking this as a win against the Barbz. Some are saying that Cardi has made way more in her debut year on the Forbes list than Nicki made when she debuted.
Which is true. In 2011 Nicki came in 15th place on the list making 6.5 million. But at that point, Nicki had just released her debut album Pink Friday and was about a year into her career.
Cardi does hold the title of the biggest debut on the “Top Earning Hip Hop stars” list for a female rapper this decade. Nicki was the next biggest on the list.
Cardi also is the youngest artist to make this year’s ranking on the Forbes list – which is an achievement just in itself.

Of course, Nicki has been in the game way longer than Cardi, so her rates for promotions, appearances, shows, and all that are naturally going to be higher.
This list represents just what they’ve made in the past year alone, not their whole net worth. As of right now, Nicki is worth an estimated 85 million. Cardi is worth about 8 million as of February of this year, this was calculated by Forbes.
Meek and Nicki have a long tumultuous past relationship. She raps about him in her song “Barbie Dreams” and told fans at a concert that she could tell secrets about him that would really expose him.

But whether or not Forbes messed up on the numbers doesn’t necessarily mean that Nicki should be behind cardi.

And yes, at the end of the day, all this feuding is over a one million dollar difference on a chart of the highest paid hip-hop stars in the world. So like,
Cardi’s finances have come into question before after news that her husband Offset owes over 210 thousand dollars in back taxes to the state of Georgia.

They also recently purchased almost a whole city street in Atlanta earlier this year.

Nicki has yet to respond to Cardi’s tweet about the Forbes list, and I don’t think that she should or will! Despite her name being “Mrs. Petty” on Twitter
But what do you guys think? Was Cardi dissing Nicki yet again? Or was she just complaining about Forbes possibly getting their numbers wrong? Do you think Cardi actually made more than Nicki this year? Or do you just not care because both are successful, rich women? Let me know what you think in the comments below.
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