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Nicki Minaj Spills ALL on Cardi B Feud & Will PAY For Fight Footage

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Nicki Minaj lights her feud with Cardi B ON FIRE, offering to pay one-hundred thousand bucks for video footage of their New York Fashion Week brawl.
And now Cardi is threatening legal action.
It’s been almost two months since that shoe-throwing fight went down between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at Harper Bazaar’s ICONS party. Yesterday, Nicki finally decided to tell her side of the story on her Queen Radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Nicki started off by claiming that the mark on Cardi’s head was caused by Love and Hip Hop star Rah Ali, NOT by security. Nicki also said she can prove it QUOTE, “There is no way I can lie about this because there is surveillance footage from the building where the assault took place. Ra really beat Cardi’s a** really bad… punched her like 8-9 times and I could hear it.” Nicki then offered up a one-hundred thousand dollar reward for anyone that could get her the video.
Nicki also addressed Cardi’s sister’s accusation that Nicki leaked Cardi’s phone number. Nicki said that simply isn’t true. “Leaking numbers? What type of bird sh*t you talking about, b*tch?... You can’t control your sister, but you want me to control millions of fans? I’ve never leaked a number in my life.” Nicki also teased a new song called “Dip” with Tyga that promises to ruin Cardi’s relationship with her team.
So what does Cardi think about all this tea? Just hours later Cardi blew up her social media with TEN videos reacting to Nicki’s Queen Radio episode. Cardi first refuted Nicki’s report that Rah Li beat her up.
TOSS: cardi b calls out nicki (0-:10)
Cardi went on to call Nicki out for her lies. Cardi says Nicki first claimed she had video footage, and is now promising a reward for security footage. Cardi is also confused by Nicki first playing the victim, and now playing the gangster. Cardi is fed up with Nicki’s lies, and is threatening legal action.
TOSS: cardi b calls out nicki 4 (:03-:19)
Cardi also refused to believe Nicki had nothing to do with leaking her phone number, and showed receipts for all the hate messages she got. Cardi blasted Nicki for endorsing that type of disturbing behavior and ended by telling Nicki to reach out personally to end this beef.
So that was a lot. What do you think about Nicki’s tea AND Cardi’s reactions? Which side makes the most sense right now? Get typing below! Thank you so much for watching, now click to the right to watch another video and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. I’m your host Naz Perez, I’ll catch you guys next time.
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